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Wimbledon, one of the most important tennis tournaments starts next Monday (27). It will be possible to see on the imposing lawns the most important names in world sport during the Grand Slam, such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams – Roger Federer is out for the first time since 1998 with a knee injury.

but like here our focus is more self than sport, we found out what each of these athletes keeps in their garage. The list includes compact, electric, super sports and even a muscle car who was once a movie star. Check out!

Novak Djokovic has an electric Tesla Model X — Photo: Reproduction

A six-time Wimbledon champion and number 1 in tennis in the world, Servant has an impressive collection of cars. Despite being ambassador of PeugeotDjokovic has several electric models, such as the Tesla Model X.

The servant is a Peugeot ambassador — Photo: Disclosure

He can also be seen driving a Aston Martin DB9a Bentley Continental it is a Audi R8. But for everyday life, the athlete prefers to wear his modest Fiat 500.

Roger Federer owns a canary yellow Mercedes-AMG GT – Photo: Reproduction

The Swiss may not be present at this year’s tournament, but he has become a legend at Wimbledon, with eight titles. For all its talent shown on the courts, the Mercedes-Benz chose him to be its ambassador – which means he has a fleet of automaker cars.

Sponsored by Mercedes, it also has a G-Class — Photo: Disclosure

One of the best known examples is the Mercedes-AMG GT S canary yellow. But he also has a jeep Class Gand came to pass through his garage a convertible AMG SL it is a AMG GLE 63 S. Outside the star brand, Federer still owns a Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

One of the greatest athletes in the world, Serena Williams has a Lincoln Navigator in her garage – Photo: Reproduction

Winner of no less than 23 Grand Slams, Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time. To carry your countless trophies, you need a respectable fleet.

Another car in its fleet is the Aston Martin Vanquish — Photo: Reproduction

The North American drives models of pure luxury, such as a Aston Martin Vanquisha Lincoln Navigator it is a Bentley Continental GT. For everyday tasks, however, she prefers to run in her simple mini cooper 2016

Rafael Nadal is sponsored by Kia and drives a Stinger GT — Photo: Disclosure

sponsored by Kiathe Spaniard could not fail to have the most expensive and sporty model of the brand, the Stinger GT. But it’s not just Korean cars that are part of his automotive collection.

The Spaniard won a Mercedes-AMG GT S at the ATP Stuttgart in 2015 — Photo: Auto Sport

Nadal still owns a Aston Martin DBS and from one Ferrari 458 Italia, a gem valued at almost R$ 3 million. And just like his colleague Federer, he also won a Mercedes-AMG GT S… with paint that imitates a tennis ball! But he says he still prefers Kia…

Andy Murray’s first car was a VW Polo, which is in his garage to this day — Photo: Reproduction

Just five months after getting his driver’s license, in 2009, the British tennis player dropped his Volkswagen Polo to run with a flashy Ferrari F430 brand new red. But he himself admitted that he felt like an idiot parading the supercar through the streets of London and traded his Ferrari for a Aston Martin DB9.

Jaguar I-Pace is part of Murray’s fleet – Photo: Disclosure

In 2015, Murray won the electric BMW i8 as a prize for winning the Munich Open in Germany. And it seems that electrification has won his heart, as he also has a Jaguar I-Pace. oh but the Polo remains in your garage! “I love to drive. And that was my first car, I’m attached to it”, said the athlete.

Naomi Osaka received a special GT-R series from Nissan – Photo: Reproduction

Winner of four Grand Slams, the Japanese is the owner of a very exclusive model. ambassador of Nissanshe is one of the lucky few to have a limited edition of 50 units of the GT-R created to celebrate its partnership with the brand. She was even responsible for choosing the color combinations offered for the sports car.

Nick Kyrgios owns a flashy Tesla Model X — Photo: Reproduction

The controversial Australian athlete is yet another who has surrendered to the benefits of electrification. Like his rival Djokovic, he owns a Tesla Model Xbut his car is painted an extremely flashy shade of green.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was directed by Dom Toretto — Photo: Reproduction

And this isn’t even the most special car on your list. fan of the saga “Fast and furious”Kyrgios bought a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon which was directed by Vin Diesel in the eighth film in the franchise – properly converted to have the steering wheel on the right side. But the bad boy tennis player had an accident with the muscle car in 2019: your friend drove and ended up hitting a pole.

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