on the penalty / offside he makes 2 serious mistakes

Moviola Inter- Barcelona: Vincic vote 4.5

Bad game of Vincicnot really a … Elite: on the penalty / offside episode, he commits two serious errors: penalty to be seen on the field and restart of the game not with the offside, but with a decision on the pitch (ball out, throw-in for Barça). The touch of but no by Ansu Fati can only be seen at VAR. He does not hold the race, even a mini-fight ensues.

Rigor and offside

Procedure for non-rigor correct: the Dutch Van Boekel calls him back to the OFR, shows him the clear hand ball of Eric Garcia (wide left arm punishable) but also the offside of Lautaro (also confirmed by SAOT, the semi-automatic offside), offside that it is Vincic who has to decide if he is punishable or not (and he is because he comes into contact with Christensen).

No penalty but …

Dumfries touches with the right hand, the penalty does not arrive: or it touches and is worth it a self-game (does not seem so) or, in the absence of certainties (does it also touch Ansu Fati’s head?), the decision of the field applies: we are at limit.


Clear the touch of Ansu Fati’s hand on the goal canceled in Pedri: the doubt it can come because it is not the latter who touches before scoring, but the high arm of the naturalized Spaniard is always punishable. The yellow is missing.

VAR: van Boekel 7

All correct.

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