Once used to fight with mosquitoes overnight in the stadium, now the groundsman living in a 5 star hotel, know how IPL changed life

new Delhi. Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) It has changed the life of not only the players but also the groundsmen. Now not only the players get the facility of a five-star hotel, but the support staff working hard on the field are also staying in luxury hotels. The life of 57-year-old groundsman Vasant Mohite of Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai has also changed in the 15th season of IPL. Mohite’s stay in a luxurious hotel by the sea is a dream come true.

In IPL 2022, the Cadbury Company has made arrangements to stay in a five star hotel to honor the ground staff. According to a report published in the English newspaper Indian Express, Vasant Mohite has also been given a dress designed by celebrity designer Masaba, good food and bus facility to bring it back from the ground. Talking about his changed life, Mohit says, at the beginning of the season he was apprehensive that he would have to stay in a five star hotel. He was not even completely sure about this.

Mohite further said, “One day the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) told us that Cadbury would arrange his house for this season. They will give us clothes and food for the next two months of IPL.” Recalling Vasant, he says that he felt that he was sitting on a throne by the sea. Vasant considers it a miracle.

‘I couldn’t sleep because of mosquitoes, couldn’t even go home’
Remembering Vasant, he says how different and difficult the atmosphere was earlier. He said, “The first matches often ended late. His shift continued even after the match. They could not return home. Therefore, he used to spend the night in a small room in the stadium itself, where he found it difficult to sleep due to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes used to drive us crazy. We could not go anywhere after the match as train services were suspended. That’s why we used to sleep on the ground in our office. Even if there was no match, the stadium had to be reached at 9 in the morning. Then only at 6 o’clock in the evening there was free time. On match days one has to come early and work till late. MCA pays them double for this.”

Spring challenges also increased in five star hotels, sleep also came better
Talking about his new challenges, Vasant Mohite says, “Now he has a different concern in a five star hotel. It was difficult to locate the switch of the lamp. He doesn’t even know how to light a lamp but sleeps well because the bed is soft.” His fellow groundsman Nitin Mohite says going to the dressing room is different now. There is no word for the bus that comes or leaves us to pick up. For this we can only say thanks.

‘Older players now hug more often’
Vasant recalls how former cricketer Mohammad Kaif came two years ago and hugged him. Kaif told his fellow commentators, “It used to help us even during the U-19 days.” Vasant was very happy to hear about Kaif. Vasant said that things have changed a lot now as compared to the 1990s. Vasant says that he is fortunate to have seen some of the legendary players up close. From Sunil Gavaskar to Prithvi Shaw, his help has been going on for decades. He has seen the rise and fall of Vinod Kambli along with the rise of Sachin Tendulkar.

Amol Majumdar used to get emotional after getting out, Sachin started crying after the last game
Vasant further says that he has a special attachment to the players of Mumbai. They often come and take care of my condition. Vinod Kambli, Sachin Tendulkar, Ajit Agarkar always make sure that he never feels uncomfortable inside the dressing room. He says that Amol Majumdar was very passionate about his game. Often used to get upset after getting out. Often Vasant, seeing a player upset, quietly goes to another room. He has also seen players getting angry and very happy. He told that in his last match, Sachin Tendulkar could not control his sense of self after touching the pitch and went back crying. Seeing the tears in Sachin’s eyes, Vasant’s heart also filled.

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