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One Piece, YouTuber Uzumaki Khan Retires: Serious Illness in the Family


YouTuber Uzumaki Khan has announced his retirement from the scene: he will no longer take care of his One Piece channel for personal reasons, the details.

The fans of the One Piece manga and anime, the famous work of Eiichiro Oda, have always had Uzumaki Khan in YouTuber, an important reference point from the point of view of content creation. Unfortunately, the YouTuber has announced in these hours its withdrawal from the scene, for serious family problems.

YouTuber Uzumaki Khan, also known as Amar Khan, used to run a YouTube channel dedicated to One Piece. Unfortunately, he had to announce his retirement and the abandonment of the project, with the greatest sadness of the fans. “There’s no easy way to say it, guys. I’ll have to stop with YouTube. If the circumstances improve, I’ll be happy to come back.” The reason given at a later date concerns one of Uzumaki Khan’s relatives, apparently seriously ill.

What to say, the hope is that in the near future the health conditions of Uzumaki Khan’s family can improve and that the latter can go back to taking care of his YouTuber work as before. Before saying goodbye we remind you that so far One Piece Stampede has proved a box office success; meanwhile manga and anime of the series continue to carry on the narrative arc of Wano.

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