OnePlus 10 Pro is the undisputed leader! The record holder was sold out in a second

OnePlus 10 Pro is a sought-after smartphone with fantastic specifications. Who would have expected it to disappear from stores in just one second from the start of sales? The profits are impressive.

Such smartphones as OnePlus 10 Pro very quickly cease to be anonymous to the world – the extreme specification and refreshed design have convinced a large group of customers in the first sale. The flagship has already earned the title of a record holder.

OnePlus 10 Pro has barely appeared, and is already a leader

First sale of OnePlus 10 Pro lasted exactly one second. This is how long it took customers to buy the available edition, estimated at 18-21 thousand smartphone copies. All available items from a total of five stores have been sold out, including the OPPO store.

OnePlus 10 Pro

OnePlus 10 Pro / photo by the manufacturer

The brand’s revenue was 100 million yuan in a second, which after deducting costs becomes pure profit. Remember that this is just the beginning of the history of OnePlus 10 Pro, and it has to hit other markets – we will undoubtedly also buy it in Poland, where it will compete with, among others, Xiaomi 12.

What do I like the most about OnePlus 10 Pro? I always pay a lot of attention to displays, which is why the 6.7-inch Fluid AMOLED matrix with QHD + resolution is at the top of my wish list. In addition, the screen smoothly refreshes the image at up to 120 Hz and instantly reduces the frequency when there is an option to save energy.

The other components of the flagship also give no reason to be ashamed – you will get to know them all in the Damian text below:

OnePlus 10 Pro officially! A high specification and a lower price is the heart of the ManiaK family


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