#OpinionMP | Mother’s Day: October through May December. by Jose Emilio Rubio

Marcia. Last Sunday, as no doubt the readership of these Tomorrowwas held mother’s Day, which since 1965 has coincided with the first Sunday of May. But more than one and two will remember that before the end of the day there was a sign in Spain civil warIt was December 8, thus coinciding with the feast of the Immaculate Conception perception, And maybe there are people who know that before the sad days of the war, the second Sunday of May was chosen.

it was following an officer’s offer of Postal services from the Valencian city of Carlet, with hobbies as a poet, when mother’s DayWhich was already officially established in the United States before 1914. julio menendez raised his request to the government, the church and the press and was welcomed Iberian Federation of Animal and Plant Protection SocietiesWhich included paying tribute to the mother inside a ‘.kindness week‘, to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the death of san francisco de asisWhich will be held in the first week of October in the year 1926.

Thus, on October 4, 1926, the first Mother’s Day in Madrid and some other cities, with a dozen or so flower stalls each, in the case of the capital, which provided 35,000 bouquets for children to give to their mothers. The idea took hold, and various cities began dedicating a day to celebrate mothers, but without an official celebration, the second Sunday was chosen in imitation of the (already then) United States.

On these days half a century ago, the celebration in Murcia took place before the awakening of the dawn, with the participating bells reciting their emotional salutes at a series of points in the city of particular Marian significance: at 12 midnight, at night Beluga Squareand at the door of Cathedralfirst salute in honor of virgin of fuensantaafter which there will be people who sing old Bridgebefore Virgin of dangers, at the door of St. Andrew and JesusAs far as arrixaca Even then painfulIn St. Catherinein respect of Nirmaland in the Bend Did dawn,

Overall, the great innovation that year was provided by El Corte Inglés, the firm that had recently opened in Murcia a few dates earlier, showing its power by setting up a pavilion next to it. normal school To welcome the 4,000 attendees to the Mother’s Day drawing competition prize ceremony and later a circus show that delighted hordes of older children. More than 15,000 participants took part in this competition, out of which school children took part. marcia, Alicante, Almeria And albaciteThe four provinces of that failed region, called the Southeast, received an award of 800.

But it is clear that, although the collective imagination largely credits the party to El Corte Inglés, and has some well-known brands in its marketing, marcia It was celebrating mothers even before the arrival of department stores, as they did, as we reported, in many other cities throughout Spain, at least since the aforementioned year 1926.

However, the commemoration we met was linked to the feast of AmlodbhavLeft the Falangist youth organization in 1939, just after the civil war. It was declared as a “festival that would represent the festival of love, generosity and sacrifice of the son for the mother”. And they said: “On that day, they will give her a small gift. Others will treat her better than before, others will get better grades from their schools, others will kiss her more, and some will present her a white rose.” , like purity give your heart”.

That first December, Mother’s Day began very early, at 8 a.m., with a Holy Mass. Saint Bartholomewheaded by the image of Nirmalfull of children and youth youth organizationWith an estimated number of over 2,000 communicators. This was followed by floral tributes at 12.30 p.m. purestThis was followed by a parade led by young Falangists, especially aimed at those who could no longer honor their mothers that day.

Obviously, they were works marked by the proximity of the war and the ideology of the new political regime that emerged from it, and during the time he was on the Russian front. blue divisionPrayers for those displaced by the distant conflict and tributes to their mothers were included.

Meanwhile, the most cutting-edge merchandise still came into play in the 40s, and in 1945 an advertisement for precious gallery Offering your products to celebrate and give in the double party of the Day of Immaculate Concepts and shell And from mother. of course to marcia The first store of this establishment had not yet arrived.

But as soon as the department store opened its doors on October 5, 1959, at its first Murcian location in the Plaza de Cetina, he moved to the pages of the local press an advertisement that aimed to take advantage of the commercial attraction of the day: “Mothers Gifts for Day and Shell. An incomparable variety of great, timely, practical, elegant gifts at all prices. Bags, Belts, Stockings, Scarves. Leather Cases, Gloves. Perfume. Umbrellas. Costume Jewelry. Coats. knitted fabrics. …”.

Also: it was the galleries Who quickly and with commercial awareness warned the people of Murcia through their advertisements that Mother’s Day had passed by the first Sunday of May in 1965. By May 2, in the case of that first celebration. The rumor had been on the street for months before, but it died out in March, two months after the party, when on the same page in which the Father’s Day ad was inserted, it declared: “Very important. Father’s Day Party Mom May Runs on the first Sunday of”.

And he also clarified: “The National Youth Delegation was established in Spain, with the appropriate authorization of the ecclesiastical hierarchy, the Mother’s Day party, which for twenty-three years (26 in fact) has been traditionally celebrated on 8 December, the feast of the Immaculate.” of the Conception. Now, the National Youth Delegation, after consulting the ecclesiastical hierarchy, has decided to move the feast of Mother’s Day to the first Sunday of May.”

One of the activities that became a regular activity was the open-air children’s painting competition organized by the now defunct and remembered radio station Radio Juventud de Murcia, which has been held for the past five years. and which started in May. change, which was granted not at the whim of the youth delegation, but as a result of changes taking place in the church Second Vatican Council,

chance wanted it first mother’s Day In May it coincides with the Sunday in which the anniversary of the coronation of the Virgen de la Fuensanta is traditionally celebrated, an occasion in which the pontifical procession celebrated in the morning in the cathedral was added to the evening procession, which took place on 2 May 1965. Became a tribute to Marcia’s late mother.

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