Orange County California, what to do and curiosities

If we think of Orange County, the first thing that comes to mind is the TV series. From Olivia Wilde who in Orange County interprets the bad girl Alex Kelly to Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Kelly Rowan, there are many actors who thanks to The OC have managed to achieve success. TV show apart, Orange County in California it’s a destination absolutely to be taken into considerationto discover the true Californian soulthe purest one.

Orange County, what it is

There are those who believe that it is a city. In reality Orange County is an earltothat is a very specific territory within the California. This is obviously not the only county in the state, if you ask yourselves indeed how many counties are there in California, the answer is which they are 58 the Californian counties.

Where is Orange County located?

To the question “what to do in Los Angeles in 4 days“All Californians will answer that it is Must visit Orange County beaches. After all, the distance with Los Angeles it is short, just an hour by car and you will find yourself in this paradise. Also the distance with San Diego (and with the Disneyland park) is minimal, in fact two hours by car heading north. In short, Orange County is located right in heart of Californiathis is an unmissable destination for all lovers of the ocean, surf, skate.

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Orange County California, the beach as a way of life

Yes, Californians highly recommend visit the beaches of Orange County. It is normal that this is the case since it is a stretch of coast that extends for many kilometerswith wide sandy beaches lapped by wonderful watersalways rippled, perfect for who it is in search of the perfect wave. Not just surfing, Californians love it walk on the water’s edge, run on the sand early in the morning or in the evening at sunset, play beach volleyball. In fact, in California the fitness (on the beach) is a real lifestyle. However, there is no shortage of those who experience the beaches of Orange County in a more relaxing way, sunbathing and taking long baths in the ocean waters. So what to pack? Swimsuit, sunscreen (inevitable), cover-ups, flip-flops and some light dresses exchange rate for the evening. The suitcase is ready, minimal but with everything you need.

The most beautiful beaches in Orange County in California

Living in California it means enjoy wonderful beachessuch as those that can be discovered during a trip to Orange County. Among these, we must certainly mention the first Santa Monica beach with the pier full of shops and restaurantson which we also find a beautiful e fun funfair. Just behind the lot, we find the Santa Monica Triple Set. It’s about a flight of stairs used by skaters, practically ever since the skate was invented. Impossible not to remember Huntington Beachperhaps the beach most loved by surfers. Nearby we also find theInternational Surfing Museum and an important skatepark. Other must-see destinations during your stay in Orange County, Laguna Beach which also offers many art galleries and overlooked by luxurious villas, Dana Point whose port is the ideal starting point to go offshore to spot whales and dolphins e Strands Beach.

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Photo by Derek Liang on Unsplash

Orange County in California, discovering Newport Beach

Many travelers believe they reach Newport Beach and see for yourself some of the locations starring Mischa Barton, Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody. That’s not exactly the way things are. Many of the places that are in fact passed off as Newport Beach in the show are actually in others county towns. Never mind, Newport Beach is still worth a visit. Immense luxurious villas overlooking the sea, yachts parked in the harborhistoric cottages, artisan ice cream parlors and on the other side the ocean, with its incredible waves which attract surfers from all over America (and the whole world). Not only that, right here we find in fact high fashion boutique where to indulge in some healthy shopping e restaurants with a retro flavor where you can enjoy simply perfect burgers.

The best way to visit Orange County California

Santa Monica, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Strands Beach, Newport Beach… these are just some of the places and beaches that deserve to be visited during a trip to Orange County. Precisely for this reason we can only advise you to rent a car. A nice road trip that’s just what it takes, in fact, so you can wandering around the county as you prefer, by going to the discovery every day of a new town and a new beachstopping to sleep in the many motels you find along the way. You will have the opportunity to savor the true taste of freedomthat freedom that is part of Californian spirit more genuine.

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