Other than Tesla, this is the coolest electric sports car ever and costs less than 5,000 Euros

While digging on the web you will always find interesting offers. Of course, it needs a nice restoration before it can be back in operation but this custom-built model could earn you a lot of money on the collectors’ market.

Today, everyone is going crazy for Elon Musk’s Teslas but is there really no cheap alternative? How about this one with a retro flavor?

Car Accentuate 07_08_2022 Quattromannia
Just make sure you recharge it (Accentuate)

Vintage market

The history of the automobile it is full of electric cars born before Tesla, which will surely be remembered in the future as the first real electric “of the masses” if we can define a machine with a price of about 100,000 Dollars or Euros much more suitable for the middle-upper classes. However, cutting costs is important if you want a Green car that doesn’t turn us off!

In China, those small cars that we have shown you on more than one occasion on our portal are depopulating, cans with two or four seats built in four and four. sometimes they are dangerous to the point of not even being imported into Europe, they are sometimes interesting and cheap.

But if you want to keep your spending very low, let’s say $ 5,000 for example, China it is not the only choice that remains there. Today, we found an American car that was worth a fortune in its time. Just be sure to check in to the mechanic before starting it …

It takes a lot of love

Bradley is just another of the numerous American companies that have had a short but intense career: founded in Minnesota in 1970 and closed as early as 1981 due to bankruptcy, the firm still managed to produce one of the first fully electric sports cars ever. seen in the United States. Let’s talk about the Bradley GTEbuilt in a limited series.

The car that remains in history also as one of the latest models products from this brand recently appeared in an ad on E-Bay. It certainly represents an interesting outlet for collectors but not only. Its low price makes it ideal for those looking for an electric car and not interested in Autopilot and all those unnecessary options!

Gte Silodrome 07_08_2022 Quattromania
In perfect vintage style (Silodrome)

It is said that the car was already very cheap at the time. Perhaps because many of the components, incredibly, are taken from the VW Beetle which also seems to have nothing to do with it at the aesthetic level. Unfortunately this specimen it will need a nice restoration as the mechanical components are in poor condition. But with such a low price, it’s well worth the risk!

Bradley E Bay 07_08_2022 Quattromania
Bradley GTE (E-Bay)

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