Overwatch 2 | Review – Does the world still need heroes?

Not having been able to frequently play online ad Overwatch 2 under review, this article will be updated with a final judgment in the coming weeks. Since the title is free to play, if in doubt give it a chance.

Overwatch 2

Exit date:
October 4, 2022
Blizzard Entertainment
Activision Blizzard

It is strange to have to investigate Overwatch 2 in a review with a climate of general disinterest by the public and the press.

Because, let’s face it, the sequel to Blizzard’s 2016 shooter has perhaps not even half the media reach of the original.

A video game that, with all due respect to the detractors, forever changed the perception of multiplayer platforms, imposed stylistic and gameplay standards and, today as then, is what is defined as a instant classic.

So many things have changed since 2016, but the disinterest in Overwatch 2 it cannot be attributable only to the passing of time, to the overcrowding of online multiplayer or solely to external factors.

For reasons that do not concern only the world of video games, on the contrary, Blizzard hasn’t done much to make Overwatch 2 the sexy product it should be.

Too much silence from the announcement to the first information, as well as a lack of clarity in the communication phase compared to single player modes have created confusion around the project. Together with the way it would be marketed and, finally, the turnaround of the free to play format that inevitably communicated a bit of uncertainty.

Overwatch had taught us that the world needs heroes, and he had created a plethora with a character design that made school. The superheroes of video games existed and Blizzard had created them, within a gameplay that had the soul of the purest fun and the heart of a purebred sports title.

We have already got to try Overwatch 2 on two occasionsa first impact (you can find it here) and a second moment of reflection (you can find it here, instead), while now it’s time to answer a question, in this review.

Does the world still need heroes?

Where were we?

That is: there was a need to update Overwatch, turn it into a sequel and relaunch the product as a stand-alone?

Yes, because the fate of the shooter had gone in malora.

After a explosive debut, in the early years Blizzard had updated the title with a certain frequency which, over time, went to decline. Then too many shielded heroes arrived and the infamous “shield goal” was created.

A moment in the game where the team compositions were composed of at least 2-3 characters with the ability to generate a shield, with the consequence that the attackers found themselves for minutes and minutes having to shoot substantially at walls. Not exactly what is expected of a shooter.

The solution of Overwatch 2 to this problem is the new composition of the teams, now made up of five elements and no longer six. This implies the presence of only one tank per team, and therefore a maximum shield.

But Overwatch 2 is simultaneously a title where positioning is even more important, with a map design that encourages flanks over frontal attacks. Shields, therefore, are only effective in very specific situations, where it is important to defend a position that is not in motion.

This is probably the most important element of all the gameplay, which will essentially score success or failure of this sequel.

Having only one tank means that the player in that role has a much greater responsibility than in the past. With the composition 2-2-2, Overwatch guaranteed the possibility of being able to play a main tank and what is called an off-tank, or a more mobile secondary defensive character whose goal is to break into the opposing lines.

D.Va, Roadhog and Zarya, for example, they are now tanks that can hardly handle the defense load of the entire team alone. For this reason Reinhardt is the most forced choice in terms of solidity and resources. It therefore means making only one of the ten characters present in that role playable effectively.

Things will change when the players have taken confidence with the new composition of the teams? Only time will tell as the players take their measurements.

At the same time, Overwatch 2 for now it seemed to us a much less friendly title than in the past. Because, trivially, now you really need to know how to shoot – and well, too.

With one less tank and the most uncovered support heroes, players who really know how to play shooters will make a difference. A different approach from the 2016 shooter, accessible and friendlier that made it fun to play even the support characters, otherwise boring in team games of this type.

Here, too, only time will tell how much the community will accept this news. Self Overwatch 2 will be awarded as a more competitive game or, due to this greater effort required, it will be abandoned by less savvy players.

Thinking of this title as a sequel we feel of reward the courage of Blizzard in wanting to create a net change.

In all of this many heroes have been reworkedsome even considerably, and the feeling of being in front of a sequel it is more palpable than it might have seemed at first.

A free to play that screeches, perhaps

Looking forward to better analyze Overwatch 2we can not help but spend words for the free to play formula.

The Blizzard title adopts a very classic battle pass (and a special pack with exclusive items that you can find on Amazon) which, in addition to the new heroine Kimiko, guarantees players some bonuses and prizes related to the free or premium track.

Looking at the formula and prices (the battle pass costs 1,000 coins or € 10) is perfectly in line with what is seen today in free to play titles of various kinds. Nothing exaggerated, but there is a problem.

Overwatch is a title based on changing characters during the game, and doesn’t seem like a good idea keep some original cast elements locked for novice players.

Those who owned the original title will have the entire cast, complete with an unlocked battle pass, but others will need grind to get the full roster and thus have access to all possible gameplay options.

New players will start Overwatch 2 with 13 heroes and they will unlock the rest by playing a certain number of games. So, for example, you can unlock Mei after playing around 70 gamescoming up to 150 games in order to have the complete roster. Also, if a new player is grouped with someone who has already unlocked the entire roster, this will be open for the entire team for as long as they are playing together.

A solution not extremely limiting, it must be said, but that goes against not a problem of the collection of aesthetic elements, but of limitations to the possibilities of gameplay. Obviously no player of OverwatchEven experienced, he plays with all the characters in rotation every game, but the problem is conceptual. Locking gameplay behind a potentially cheap element is anything but elegant.

Overwatch 2, review of a title that you can already play

That said, Overwatch 2 it’s still the video game fun which has always been.

An exciting gameplay title, with the soul of purebred competitive video game and style to sell. In the light of some doubts there is a great element to take into consideration, namely that It’s free.

As for by now you will already be playing Overwatch 2 and giving you an idea yourself, us we will be back to give you a definitive review after accumulating a few more games.

For now we can tell you that if you have already played Overwatch and you were hoping for one Revolution, Blizzard didn’t reinvent the wheel because, after all, it wasn’t badly needed.

If you are around here for the first time we can only wish you: have fun. We will update in a few weeks.

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