Padua, “I’ll explain why I’m looking for one hundred more workers: huge spaces in the electrical turnaround”

Bergamaschi photo
Bergamaschi photo

“We need fifty more people immediately: even tomorrow morning, if there were any; the others within a year. But we will make it ». Luca Mora, the owner entrepreneur of the firm, answers De Angeli Products of Bagnoli di Sopra, in the Paduan area. Recruiting is a well-known crossroads for homeowners. A rule that even this company does not escape, 400 employees and 230 million turnover in 2022, made throughout Europe with cables to transport electricity in wind and photovoltaics, but also for the sector in the tumultuous development of electric motors and vehicles. As if to say, that the cyclone of ecological transition, of the electrification of the economy, is fully riding. Here the accelerations are becoming enormous. To the point that De Angeli is grounding the plan to expand the plant and employees by more than 20%. With the knot that opens to find a hundred workers. An opportunity that Mora tried to push, hanging a banner outside the company, which did not go unnoticed. Entrance fee of 1,300 euros, to go up to 1,800 thanks also to bonuses related to shift work, and staff enhancement plans. It is a job that requires, in addition to motivation, precision and not force, and not particular technical skills, given that the company does the training at home. It is no coincidence that there are many women in the factory: «Yes, we have recently hired many: working shifts can be interesting for them».

Women also returning to work after maternity leave or following their children?
“Yes, it is a pattern that we find frequently: people aged 40-50 who, once the family has grown, go back to work. Diligent, meticulous. People of great quality ».

How do they experience the opportunity to work?
“When I talk to them I see that there is a good integration. They feel good and I am really happy with the contribution they give us. But we also try to include young people, in collaboration with schools. It happens for the workers, but also for the engineers who maybe come here to do their thesis and then we hire them. We grow at all levels ».

The staff are looking for expansion plans.
“Yup. The two new warehouses are ready and add ten thousand square meters to the current 50 thousand. The machines dedicated to cables for electric mobility are already arriving: the investment is 15 million, between this year and next. Activation will take place in stages in 6-12 months ».

She is confident of finding them.
“Yes, we believe we can. One hundred people is an important number. We also wanted that banner to make it clear that we are talking about ecological transition. Area where we are among the leading companies in Europe ».

Do the interviews on Thursdays. How many people do you see?
“At least a dozen candidates a week.”

The electrical transition is often seen as a risk to companies and jobs. For you it is the opposite.
«All our products are now geared towards electrification of the economy. Then it comes to doing a lot of innovation, products with high technological levels. For this we have about twenty engineers and we collaborate with universities and research centers. The prospect for electricity over the next few years is very interesting ».

And of the 230 million in revenues a year, how many derive from the electricity transition?
“All. We believe there are many possibilities for development: needs arise every day. And in the transition, investments are huge everywhere in Europe, where we work. We see the PNRR in Italy; but it must be multiplied for all countries ».

He was talking about innovation: do you think you can keep production here?
«That is the challenge: to develop high-tech products that justify production in Italy. Having technological advantages, not having any on costs, with continuous innovations. Yes, we want to keep production in Italy ».

And the staff will find it.
«We come from a recovery phase: it is more difficult to find it. Of course, it takes patience, a few more months. But I am optimistic. And I believe that Italy has an extraordinary industrial culture: there is all the potential to continue investing and growing in our territory ».

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