Palermo, at the meeting of Meloni tensions between police and demonstrators

First the blockade with the agents deployed in riot gear and verbal protests. Then the attempt to circumvent the cordon, the police charge and a boy taken away with the Volante. This is what happened in via Ruggero Settimo, in Palermo, a few steps from Piazza Politeama where, on the stage, the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni gave her speech.

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About fifty demonstrators tried to reach the square from via Ruggero Settimo but were stopped by the police cordon. “We are surrounded. This is to allow Meloni to speak with her,” they repeated as they tried to get around the agents from the neighboring streets. “We cannot pass without any reason – Emanuel, 29, told Adnkronos – There was nothing organized, we are people who believe in the same rights”.

“We took to the streets to attend the rally but we were blocked because apparently the city is not ours today” underlines Roberta of the ‘Non una di less’ movement. “Meloni says that anyone who wants to in Italy can have an abortion – she adds to Adnkronos – perhaps she doesn’t know that here in Sicily the percentages of objecting doctors reach 85%”. In the background choirs and signs against the battle horses of the FdI election campaign. “But which State, but which God, I decide on my body”, “Go away, do not touch the income”, “Better pig than fascist”, “The 194 cannot be touched we will defend it with the struggle”.

The demonstrators move to the streets of the center, until they arrive in via Mariano Stabile. Here the confrontation arises. Someone throws a bottle of water and the agents’ charge starts. A reporter is hit with a truncheon. No one is injured but a boy is stopped and taken away with the steering wheel. A few more disputes then the group disperses. About thirty boys move under the police station: “We won’t go without Marco”, they shout at the offices where the young man was taken.

POLICE HEADQUARTERS – “The meeting was held regularly that this evening saw Mr Meloni in Palermo on a stage set up in Piazza Politeama without any disturbances to its regular performance. A group of about fifty adherents to antagonist groups tried to reach Piazza Politeama with the aim of disturbing the electoral initiative. The articulated public order and safety device set up by the Police Headquarters in the external perimeter of the square and which saw a significant use of the Police forces made it possible to intercept the aforementioned group of protesters at a safe distance from the place of the meeting, not allowing them to reach the square “. Thus, in a note, the police headquarters of Palermo.” In the course of several episodes of containment of the demonstrators in the context of an unannounced demonstration, there were no moments of contact with the police or charges by the Police “.

“The cordons of the law enforcement agencies have prevented, through the barrier devices, that this demonstration could result in potential unrest. In these situations a Digos operator was hit in the face by a punch thrown by one of the demonstrators, while in another situation a protester was blocked after throwing a bottle at the police and his position in these moments is being examined by investigators “.

“Continuous filming was carried out by the operators of the Scientific Police, through whose examination the identification operations useful for the subsequent referral of the perpetrators of violent episodes to the Judicial Authority are in progress”, concludes the note.

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