Palermo, happy debut: Brunori and Elia sign the 2-0 against Perugia

The long awaited day has arrived. The day of the first, real, check. What you look forward to after weeks of preparation. What you don’t know what it can reserve for you. And for Palermo, who find Serie B again, it is a happy return. The rosanero beat Perugia 2-0 and started the championship in the best possible way under the guidance of Corinitwo months after that night of June 12 that all Palermo people will carry and will keep in their hearts.

The Sicilian heat hangs over the Renzo Barbera, where the spotlights and audio systems turn on from 8pm. It’s a different music, that of Serie B. Three years later. Three years of goals achieved. But with difficulty, bitter morsels and disappointments. All in a path that, in the end, seemed almost to be already written.

The rosanero arrive at the first check with an incompleteness of squad to take into consideration. Yet on the pitch it is not noticeable. Corini chooses the initial 4-2-3-1 with Floriano captain behind Brunori, Valente on the left and Elia on the right.
The match starts only in the 9th minute with a nice ride from Floriano serving Brunori. The bomber, however, fails to finish well with his right. The match at Barbera comes alive in the 23rd minute when Floriano restarts very well from the defense and in a three against two on the open field serves Brunori perfectly who, a few moments before kicking, is thrown down by Lisi. Direct expulsion for the Umbrian defender for foul on the last man. The striker Brunori makes no mistake and with a powerful central signs the 1-0.

Barbera is once again the bedlam of June. After the net of the advantage the rosanero are literally the masters of the field: at 35 ‘Floriano from the right wing unmarks the Umbrian full-back and tries a nice low shot. Gori, however, is careful and blocks the ball. At 38 ‘Palermo again: good Sala serving from the left Brunori who, after a feint, tries the conclusion easily countered by the Umbrian central.
At 49 ‘after a corner kick not exploited by the Umbrians, Brunori is very good at restarting the offensive action of the rosanero. Assist on the edge of the area for Elia who bags it with a powerful right diagonal. Palermo 2 Perugia 0. The Var, however, after a few seconds, cancels everything: offside by a few centimeters by the rosanero attacking midfielder. The first part of the game ends with an absolute dominance of the boys of Eugenio Corini.

The second half opens with the rosanero still protagonists. At 52 ‘Valente on a free kick with his right touches the crossbar. A few minutes after the restart, however, the boys of Castori have a shot of pride, first with an insidious corner kick where Marconi is good who, despite the showy bandage, takes away the threat with his head. After 62 ‘with Di Serio who makes a filter for Melchiorri, who concludes by touching the post. But it is precisely in the darkest moment that sometimes you have to sign the signature. At 68 in fact, Brunori with the winger makes a very long filter assist for Elia who, from 13 meters, makes no mistake. Powerful right under Gori’s arms. The rosanero doubles, the Barbera is a bedlam.
Palermo returns to have the courage that had distinguished him in the first half and immediately after the second goal in the 73rd minute, Stoppa tries a right-footed shot from the edge of the area, but the ball ends up high over the crossbar. After 180 seconds, Brunori is still looking for a brace with a strong shot from the edge of the area. Again the ball flies high over the crossbar. The opportunity also came quickly to close the match with Buttaro who in the 79th minute with a powerful low shot touched the post. Renzo Barbera trembles.
Perugia responds present, despite the double disadvantage and numerical inferiority, in the 82nd minute with a free kick beaten by Vulic. Pigliacelli, however, is once again found ready. The last minutes of the match see the boys of Castori try with little dangerous forays. Palermo always closes the spaces by managing the non-possession phase very well.

The last minutes of the match do not give any particular emotions and so, at 22.46, Ayroldi from Molfetta whistles the end of the match. Palermo Perugia 2 to 0. The first one went and, a little against everyone’s predictions, it went very well. An unexpected victory at times, but definitely deserved. The initial premises, on the eve of August, are excellent. Very compact coverage phase and offensive maneuvers worthy of cadetries. Now, with some insertion of the market, it will be possible to try to be protagonists in a Serie B with the flavor of A. It is still early for the first concrete examinations, but the first verification has been passed with flying colors.

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