PAN promises to choose the most competitive candidate, the battle between Creel and Lily Tellez is part of the process.

The National Action Party defines its rules to define the presidential candidate of “Va por México”. 2024, If it is given, Cecilia Guardian, general secretary of BreadI point out that the first settlement they have is to wait for the election State of Mexico and Coahuila June 4th.

“What we think is a positive change project,” he said.

In this regard, in an interview with M.Ario Maldonado for the Morning News, The politician mentioned that he not only wants political parties to contribute to the movement, but also civil society. He said that the entire system is being prepared in collaboration with the parties in the alliance.

Interview with Cecilia Patrón about the candidate selection process

Alliance Adjustment “Va Por México”

he insisted on The alliance system is being refined, But PAN has made proposals that enhance the party’s presidential candidacy in which it could garner significant social support. one of the viewpoints is that they have one percent or one million citizen signatures, that they support the possibility and that it is not only internal, but also abroad: with society, on the street, in the markets, in the public square, to ask for this percentage. This is necessary for independent candidates.

He said that another requirement is that they have a level of knowledge Huge to be able to head the party. Furthermore, he mentioned that a candidate must have a certain number of voting intentions, as this leads to the strongest candidates.

“The idea is to make a joint invitation with other political parties and it is believed that this can be done after the June 4 elections,” he said.

They must collect one million signatures Photo: Cuartoscuro

dispute for candidature

Former federal deputy assures that there will be a fight between Lille Tellez and Santiago Creel Becoming the next presidential candidate is part of the competition. He also said that there is a “shot” within the opposition and that it is part of the natural competition of those who do They aspire for candidacy.

“Both are extraordinary people (Lily Téllez and Santiago Creel) and we take them as contenders,” he said.

Santiago Creel is running for Mexico’s presidency Photo: Exclusive

In this regard, Patrón Lavida commented that many people commented that would not strong candidate, However, he mentioned that voices are being highlighted and that the most important thing is that people talk about them. This, as part of the process that not only PAN members will have to go through, but other members from other parties will also have to raise their hands.

Why collect 1% signatures?

On the other hand, the Secretary General of PAN reminded that, to be an independent candidate, you have to collect a percentage of the voter list and upload it to a special platform and these come from the 17 states of the republic so that it can be submitted to the National Electoral Institute According to (INE), it is not from any one area where your strengths come from.

He reiterated, “This is not a black thread, we are taking it from the INE of the electoral laws.”


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