Panorama destroys Unieuro with offers at 90% discount only today

Panorama is one of the most famous physical stores ever, especially in areas ranging from central to northern Italy. At this moment, beating a flyer with such proposals is practically impossible, and many have noticed it, especially given the prices.

Obviously everyone always focuses on what are food and everything you need especially for home use. In this case, however, there is also a large contribution from domestic appliances, which are offered at extremely affordable prices.

Panorama still makes its flyer available during the month of October with sensational discounts, here are also some household appliances

It will be really difficult this month to take the scepter of best physical store out of hand Panorama, a company that has been giving us a lot to do in the last period.

The proposals within the Stores, on the official website and above all on the advertising flyers are the most delicious of all, especially taking into consideration what are the objects to be used within the home environment.

In fact, Panorama offers great opportunities like the one seen in the case of Jocca air fryer. We are talking about one of the most interesting occasions, since it is offered with a 20% discount in its version from 2.2 liters. Only 1000 pieces are available, all a € 39.99. In addition to this offer, however, there are also other very interesting ones as we are heading towards winter. In fact, Panorama offers several warmers and stoves for the home, opportunities that are offered at very low prices ranging from € 10.99 until you get to € 29.99. We also remind you that there is no problem from the point of view of the guarantee, which is offered for a period of two years.

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