Parking sensors, the hilarious find to have them without spending 1 €

Among the options for the most popular cars of recent years are undoubtedly the parking sensors. On the other hand, however, not everyone has the funds to afford them and therefore we manage as we can.

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Also because parking with the help of the latter will be much easier not to mention that we will feel much safer behind the wheel. Many times, in fact, while we are busy maneuvering, we will have the fear of hitting the cars around us.

We will be able to install parking sensors on our car ourselves

However, this is a problem with the help of the sensor and in some cases of the annex camera, does not exist. With the increase in the number of cars on the road, in fact, finding parking has become increasingly difficult.

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Not only that, many then with their wild parking spaces reduce the possibility of maneuvering to a minimum and therefore even if we have the necessary space to park we will not be able to.

It therefore goes without saying that using a parking sensor is nowadays increasingly important in order not to keep going around in circles in search of a free space. As mentioned, therefore, car manufacturers have adapted by implementing these tools in their subsequent models.

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But what happens, instead, for all those who have a slightly dated car? Well today we will see how we can install such a device ourselves without too much effort.

An inexpensive variant of the sensor has been particularly successful on the internet

In addition to the obvious sensor to park, whether it is with or without a display, we will need for the assembly of the duct tape, a screwdriver, a drill and some wire. Let’s start “from the strong point”, therefore, specifying how around we will find models ranging from 10 to 200 euros.

Obviously the cost, very often, reflects the quality of the product so if you have the possibility, our advice is not to limit yourself to the cheapest model. We will be able to buy our kit, therefore, directly in shops specialized in auto parts or online.

Assembling it, therefore, will be relatively simple. First of all we will have to use the drill, necessary to make four holes on the bumper where we will pass the reverse light wire.

Do-it-yourself parking sensors – Motori.News

We then connect the cable to the sensor control unit through the holes that we created earlier and that’s it. Finally, a very nice variant that includes some is depopulated online rubber turkeys placed on the lower part of the bumper.

In this way, therefore, the driver in case of contact would be warned by the “squeak” of these nice toys. In short, a decidedly low cost solution that has caused more than a few laughs to the people of the web.

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