Path of Titans, the tried and tested dinosaur-themed MMORPG

Here is our tried and true Path of Titans, a dinosaur-themed MMORPG that is now also available on consoles, as well as on PC and mobile.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? Someone will be there for sure, but it is undeniable that these varied and often enormous creatures arouse great charm. It is no coincidence that there are continually new products dedicated to them: sometimes we are asked to create a theme park where they can live, other times they have to be demolished as if they were monsters, in other cases they have to wear their clothes, as happens. in the MMORPG Path of Titans.

Already available on PC and mobilePath of Titans has recently also arrived on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox in beta. It is in fact a game still in full development, a sort of early access that will evolve over the months with new content and mechanics.

However, we have already had the opportunity to try it and find out what are the foundations around which the game is being built. So here’s ours trial of Path of Titans.

The circle of life

An adult carnivore eating a pup in Path of Titans

An adult carnivore eating a pup in Path of Titans

Path of Titans, as mentioned, is a MMORPG in which we will have the possibility to control one of 26 different dinosaurs (if you buy the Founder’s Pack, otherwise the choices are minimal). The creatures available are divided between herbivores and carnivores, with various species for each group. We will find dinosaurs like Alioramus, Albertaceratops, Amargasaurus, Daspletosaurus and Sarcosuchus, to name just a few.

We won’t have control over the adult-sized creature right away, but we’ll start with a young version and we’ll have to to survive within a huge 64 square km map. To avoid dying, which involves some punishments, we will have to take care not to be eliminated by players more powerful than us, but also to eat and drink.

Obviously, the herbivores they eat vegetation, while i carnivores they must feed on carcasses found around or hunt down harmless little creatures to be tracked down in specific locations. Of course it is also possible to hunt other players.

There is no shortage of herbivores in Path of Titans

There is no shortage of herbivores in Path of Titans

In that case you will have to test your own dinosaur. Each creature has specifics statistics, related to health, defense, speed of movement on land and in water and the energy available for running. Furthermore, the level of growth is important: a young carnivorous dinosaur will struggle to compete against a herbivore at the end of its cycle.

THE fighting they also depend on active skills. There are various types of attacks, which vary depending on the creature. An Alioramus can easily use its jaws, while an Eotriceratops can charge with its head. But there are, for example, also tail flicks and other moves. Taking advantage of the agility of your dinosaur is also important, because a small and fast creature can take advantage of the slow rotation of a more massive opponent. The combat, even if simple and visually not very impactful, works but sometimes the problem is finding someone on the map.

Map and activities

An underwater creature in Path of Titans

An underwater creature in Path of Titans

As mentioned, Path of Titans puts us in one 8 x 8 kilometer map. It is a very large area, made up of woods, hills and grasslands. The server can hold up to 200 players, but obviously that doesn’t mean there are always that many people connected. Considering the magnitude of the game world, it is easy for a player to explore for a long time without meeting anyone.

The interaction with the other players is not essential and, indeed, at the beginning it is to be avoided since we will have the control of a puppy that can hardly afford to fight. To become an adult one must accumulate experience pointsawarded with the completion of tasks such as searching for plants and reaching specific locations.

These are very basic tasks that only require you to walk to the place indicated by the mini-map, stopping from time to time to recover the stamina dedicated to running. It’s easy to find yourself for minutes and minutes doing nothing but moving around.

For this reason, Path of Titans is much more interesting if played in a group, especially with friends with whom to talk over the headphones. You can also create groups with the players of the server, perhaps gathering by species of dinosaurs in order to find strength in the number. On average, whether you play alone or with friends, the activities are very limited and repetitive – something that developers will have to expand.

One of the many creatures of Path of Titans

One of the many creatures of Path of Titans

The activities, however, have a second purpose: they assign Brand namesthat is an in-game currency that cannot be purchased with real money and that allows you to buy skills, but also colors and cosmetic elements to be used to embellish your cave, which is the basis and is accessible from various places on the map.

Finally, we also point out that one is available single player mode: obviously it’s not the focus of the game, but it allows you to get carried away with the gameplay dynamics without putting yourself at risk online. The game also offers a tutorial that teaches the commands and the main mechanics quickly and clearly.

Finally, as far as the PC version is concerned, Path of Titans is visually pleasant, even if a little repetitive in its own environments. We cannot confirm the Switch version, however, which will probably be the least performing one.

Path of Titans is a dinosaur-based MMORPG that has one purpose: to make us feel like an ancient and powerful creature. In part, it does it, but it still needs some time to refine, adding more activities and elements of interaction to the big game map. Those who are deeply intrigued by the idea and have a group of friends with the same inclinations available can start playing and continue following the evolution of the game. Those who still have some doubts would do well to wait a little longer for an update.


  • The creatures are quite different from each other
  • The growing system works


  • Playful activities are few
  • Alone it loses a lot

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