Patrick Dempsey is confident in the future of Grey’s Anatomy without Ellen Pompeo

Patrick Dempsey looks confident about the future of Grey’s Anatomyeven without Ellen Pompeo, and for a very specific reason: the series has never been just a personal epic, but has drawn its strength from the existence of a group of characters all capable of potentially holding the plot. For this, it is said that now Grey’s Anatomy cannot be renewed with a new parterre of actors.

Patrick Dempsey knows something about it, on the other hand. He played the character of Derek Sheprherd for 11 seasons in ABC’s medical drama, leaving the scene amid alleged squabbles with the production and unflattering rumors about his character. Years later there was a reconciliation, culminating in return to the scene of his character, in a dream version, in season 17. And now that the historical protagonist Pompeo leaves the series, remaining on stage in just 9 episodes for season 19, the former McDreamy spends words of hope on the continuation of the long-lived medical show.

For Patrick Dempsey the future of Grey’s Anatomy lies precisely in the bet to renew the group of doctors at the center of the plot, with a new class of trainees, but applying the same winning formula as always, or alternating drama, action and feelings. The actor spoke with CinemaBlend of how the new one is imagined Grey’s Anatomy without Ellen Pompeo and emphasized precisely the aspect of chorality as a success factor.

I think it was always about the cast and the ensemble. I think the strength has been in the cast themselves and all of the characters, and so many different people can relate to the different characters now. There was a magic. There was something special. There was a lot of drama. And we will see if this new type of freshman class will be able to continue.

Patrick Dempsey also expressed a desire to return to work with Ellen Pompeoon the occasion of their meeting at Disney’s D23 Expo 2022 event in which both were awarded as “legends” as part of the Legends Awards Ceremony.

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