PC and smartphone bonus at 500 euros, to whom it belongs: apply immediately

Technology, by now, is part of the life of each of us, which is why anyone finds benefit in owning a computer, a smartphone and a good internet connection.

PC and Smartphone Bonus – Nanopress.it

The new generations grow up with the concept that Internet, technology and the connections associated with them are fundamental for everyday life. With a simple smartphone, in fact, you can do research on the Webyou can keep in touch with distant people and you can watch movies through apps and platforms.

All this, however, can only be done with a good and stable one connection to the Internet, and if you also own a pccarrying out these activities turns out to be even easier and more comfortable, especially due to the larger size of the screen.

THE prices of the products inherent to the technology, however, for some segments of the population may be too much elevatedwhich is why the government has decided to make it available to the bonus special. Let’s find out together.

PC bonus

A few months ago, the entire Italian population was able to take advantage of the so-called “TV bonus”. To benefit from this possibility offered by the government, just go to any television retailer, to be scrapped your device and buy a new one, on which you get it € 100 discount.

To date, the government has also thought of another facility which, this time, consists of a bonus from € 500 for the purchase of a new pc.

Working on the pc
Computer – Nanopress.it

There are, however, gods requirements necessary to possess in order to take advantage of such discounts. First of all, we need to know that at the moment this initiative is only valid for the residents of the region Puglia. Secondly, theIsee of the applicant must not exceed i € 9,000.

The computer, nowadays, is basic to carry out daily administration activities, such as working, drafting documents, checking the personal areas of sites and public administrations and much, much more. Those who live in Puglia and have an Isee equal to or lower than the aforementioned figure, therefore, can immediately make request and get the chance to buy a new computer at a discounted price.

Internet connection

Another bonus made available by the government, for all Italians, without limitations concerning income or residence, it concerns the Internet connection, essential for surf on the web, work, or carry out distance learning activities. The latter, especially in the last two years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as you all know, has been present in all Italian families with school-age children.

This facility, therefore, is intended for All the Italians who want to use it, and foresees € 300 discount to use to request a subscription Internet for at least 30 Mbps in download.

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