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from Tommaso Labate

From Bindi to D’Alema, Bersani and Cacciari, in the party preparing for the congress the broadsides come from the past

Other than keeping silent about the object and pretending nothing happened, which the ancient proverb suggested as an example of good manners. Here it is as if in the house of the hanged man, precisely in the days of the mourning process, at a certain point the representatives of ropes began to ring the intercom. Because it is more or less like this that in the rooms of the headquarters of the Democratic Party, which is preparing to press the “play” button in the long and tormented process that will lead to a new congress and a new secretary, the sequence of releases of the “old glories “of the time that was. That with the comfortable timing of the “after-the-fact” analysis and with the certainty of not being able to be accused of having made a wrong diagnosis – so much by now what is done is done, and the elections are good that go – they dismantle an already reduced toy in a thousand pieces. Suggesting how to reassemble it.

To the list, after days dominated by the appeal for the “dissolution” of the Democratic Party in a new “Thing” promoted by Rosy Bindi together with intellectuals such as Massimo Cacciari and Tomaso Montanariwas added yesterday Massimo D’Alema. A few days after the launch of the first post-missina-led government, the first ex-communist at Palazzo Chigi – who was a very authoritative leader of the Democratic Party even though he never really loved him (“It’s a bad amalgamation”, December 2008) – puts the foil back in the sheath and draws the saber directly. Interviewed by Everyday occurrence, the former prime minister, who supported and supports the need for an agreement with Giuseppe Conte’s Five Star Movement, bombs an already burning fort. «The leaders of the Democratic Party thought that the end of Draghi would provoke a popular wave in the country, overwhelm Conte and lead the Democratic Party, the force most loyal to Draghi, to be the first party. I do not know what relations the leaders of the Democratic Party have with the Italian company. I even wonder where they get their coffee in the morning. “

In short, for D’Alema, the pre-election fault of the Latvian PD was having abandoned Conte. On the contrary, at the time of the first winds of crisis on the Draghi government, “he could have been closer to him, act as a support to him on some well-founded requests from the Five Stars and thus avoid the crisis”. If in the Democratic party originally the attacks from the glorious past were limited to the blows reserved for the “creature” alone Ciriaco De Mita, which had remained on the sidelines, today that the “creature” has exceeded fifteen years of life, the suggestive force (and for gossips, in some cases, destructive) presents itself in many guises. D’Alema and Bersani agree on the landing (the alliance with the M5S) but diverge on the analysis (one attacks Letta, the other defends him); Bindi and D’Alema agree on the analysis but diverge on the landing (for D’Alema “the Democratic Party is needed”, for Bindi it should be “dissolved and refounded”); D’Alema and Bettini, who for over a decade occupied opposite barricades inside the DS first and the Democratic Party after, differ on the past (one was skeptical about the Pd operation, the other set it up) but agree on the future and above all on the companion in fortune (Conte).

Inside the walls of the Nazarene, while the documents of the first of a long series of management meetings are being prepared, it feels like in those tormented sessions of “soldier slap”, the game that was fashionable in the barracks and which then surpassed the environments populated by young conscripts of compulsory conscription: a party with the head locked forward and an indefinite series of slaps coming from behind. The unfortunate man on duty, to get out of the impasse, had to guess who the slapper was. During the election campaign, that role was carved out by Matteo Renzi, who was the secretary of the Democratic Party. From September 26 onwards, after all, a stronger slap was enough to make a noise. More and more.

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