Pd Puglia, here are the lists of news, surprises and controversies. Emiliano: “Ready to do our part”

BARI – The national leadership of the Democratic Party has defined the framework of the candidacies for the political elections on September 25th. In the Chamber of Deputies, the Apulian PD will nominate Raffaele Piemontese, Debora Ciliento, Giovanni Vurchio, Gabriella Grieco in the plurinominal list of Foggia-Bat (p1); in the college of Bari (p2) Marco Lacarra, Anna Maurodinoia, Paolo Lattanzio, Silvia Muolo; in the college of Taranto (p3): Ubaldo Pagano, Maria Grazia Cascarano, Massimo Moretti, Francesca Irpinia; in the college of Lecce (p4): Claudio Stefanazzi, Elisa Mariano, Francesco Rogoli, Anna Toma. As far as the single-member is concerned, in the college of Foggia (u01) Valentina Lucianetti, in that of Manfredonia (u02) Raffaele Piemontese, in that of Bat (u03) Fabrizio Ferrante, in that of Bari (u05) Laura Torsi, in that of Altamura (u06) Silvia Convertini, in Taranto (u08) Michele Nitti, in Lecce (u09) Sebastiano Leo. In the Senate, in the list Francesco Boccia, Valeria Valente, Antonio Misiani, Loredana Capone. For the uninominal, however, in the Taranto-Brindisi (u4) college Giampiero Mancarelli.

Emiliano, in Puglia ready to do our part

«The leadership of the Democratic Party, after an intense and incessant work of listening and analysis, has formalized the first nominations for Parliament. Not an easy job, the one done by the national secretariat, of synthesis and composition of the picture, a job that arouses great hopes but also some bitterness, since all legitimate aspirations cannot be satisfied in this passage ». This is what is declared by the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano, for a first analysis of the choices of the national Democratic Party in view of the political elections in September. “The sure thing – he continues – is that from Puglia, from the territories, we are ready to do our part to make known the government program of the Democratic Party, to build participation and sharing around it and to contribute to the strengthening of the values ​​that the program it contains and which are based on our Republican Constitution ». «We had to accept – he continues – Enrico Letta’s request to nominate the vice president of the Region, Raffaele Piemontese, and the president of the Regional Council Loredana Capone to reinforce our lists as much as possible. Loredana and Raffaele, in two, have taken almost 35 thousand votes in the last regions, are two columns of the Democratic Party and the region and have received just recognition after years and years of militancy and difficult electoral campaigns. This is a contribution to the Democratic Party that the regional council had to offer to lend a hand in such a difficult moment and also to allow me to avoid being nominated as leaders in the Senate ».

“I learn with bitterness that the national Democratic Party has not accepted our request to nominate a young mayor”, Fiorenza Pascazio, the first citizen of Bitetto, in the Bari area, “replacing her with a Campania policy already nominated in a majority college in her city. I realize that Campania has had to accept nominations from important national leaders, but the absence of the mayor Pascazio weighs heavily on our team ». This was said by the Apulian governor Michele Emiliano, commenting on the candidacies of the Democratic Party in Puglia for the next elections. “How very sorry – he adds – for the affair of Senator Assuntela Messina, competent and active undersecretary of the Draghi government, whose non-reappointment in a useful position in the blocked lists represents a serious loss for Puglia, but due to the reduction in the number of parliamentarians it was not possible for Enrico Letta to find a better location. Together with Michele Bordo he will constitute a reserve of competence and prestige for the challenges that the Puglia Region will have to face in the future. A heartfelt thanks to the regional secretary of the Democratic Party Marco Lacarra who will be re-nominated as leaders in Bari ».


«Representing the community of the Democratic Party of Puglia in the Senate will be a great honor. In recent years, Puglia has shown the world all its beauty and its infinite opportunities. It has shown the whole of Italy that there can be another South. The South with a straight back, the South of progress between tradition and technological innovation. We must not stop or go back, but we want to strengthen our land even more with the commitment of our entire community. It is a great responsibility that we will face again all together with the same pride and passion as always ». Francesco Boccia, deputy of the Democratic Party and head of Regions and Local Bodies of the National Secretariat, writes on social media.


«I have said it repeatedly in recent days, I will repeat it again today: Article One is co-founder of the ‘Democratic and Progressive Italy’ list together with Demos, Psi and Pd. In this capacity we have repeatedly asked to participate in the drafting of the program and in the choice of candidates, while respecting the roles and proportions. In Puglia in words we were assured that this would happen, in fact exactly the opposite happened ». This is what the regional secretary of Articolo Uno in Puglia, Ernesto Abaterusso, complains. «We take note of it – he continues – we had proposed valuable candidates, expression of the territories, for only combat positions and to lose in order to best express our contribution, whether small or large. Pierluigi Lopalco, Adalisa Campanelli, Adriano Merico and Francesca Irpinia were the names we had offered at the regional and national table. Proposals for candidacies that have been totally ignored – or almost – in the name of limitless arrogance, of a masterful conception of the list and to give ample space to civics who asked for dignity of representation. Which we have never opposed, as long as it did not go to the detriment of just one of the co-founders, the undersigned ”.


Already discontent in Puglia after rumors about the choice of leaders in the next elections. The “Pd Puglia lists” are “invotable”, “made up of Emiliano’s recommended (men)”: the harsh criticism comes from the regional councilor of the Apulian Democratic Party, Fabiano Amati, president of the Council’s Budget Commission. to complain in silence – he says – those who disagree must courageously come out and help destroy this system of power, to build an alternative of good governance and linearity. “For Amati,” the lists of the Pd Puglia are were generally composed on the basis of recommendations and respects to the heads of the shift. “” The lists of my party, the Democratic Party – he highlights – are therefore invotable: the idea according to which symbols exist and must be supported regardless of the people who represent them is idolatry or paganism applied to politics, especially if the candidates arrive in Parliament not through the preferences of citizens, but by taking advantage of an indecent electoral law, based on nominations g rooted to organized power groups “. “I am so sorry – he concludes – that Enrico Letta has become an accomplice and therefore guilty on this point, even tolerating all men as capilist”.

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