Penalties for the lack of civil liability and PCC-3 in 2022. You can pay even over 60,000. zloty

Penalties for the lack of third party liability are systematically growing every year and we are already used to it. They are simply related to the amount of the minimum wage, which is systematically increasing every year. A similar situation occurs in the case of penalties imposed by the tax authorities. Here, in turn, fines are a multiple of days’ wages.

Penalty for the lack of civil liability – from PLN 1003 to PLN 9030

Penalties are increasing not only from year to year. The detectability of people who have cars without a third-party liability insurance policy is also growing. The system detects not only cases reported by police officers, but more and more often the Insurance Guarantee Fund catches cars that are not on the road, and their owners have forgotten about their cars a long time ago. However, a large group of people who pay fines are still forgetfuls who forget to sign a new contract after buying a car. Still not everyone knows or remembers that the insurance taken over from the previous owner is not automatically renewed. The second case is failure to pay one of the insurance installments.

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In the forgetful year 2022, clearly more will be paid than in previous years. Penalties, as usual, are divided into three rates, depending on how long was the period without liability insurance (up to 3 days – 20% of the full penalty fee, 4 to 14 days – 50% of the full penalty fee, over 14 days – 100% penalty fee) and due to the type of vehicle. Below we publish a table with penal fees applicable this year:

The period without liability Motorcycles Cars Trucks and buses Farmers’ Civil Liability
up to 3 days PLN 200 PLN 1,200 1 810 PLN PLN 300
from 4 to 14 days PLN 500 PLN 3 010 PLN 4 520
over 14 days 1000 PLN PLN 6,020 PLN 9,030

Higher penalties for not having a PCC-3 declaration

Similarly to the penalties for the lack of civil liability insurance, from January 1, the amount of penal and fiscal fines that threaten us, e.g. for late submission (and not payment – these are two different issues) of the PCC-3 declaration. We remind you that after buying a used car under a sale and purchase agreement, the value of which exceeds PLN 1000, the buyer has 14 days to submit such a declaration. On its basis, the tax on civil law transactions is calculated in the amount of 2%. transaction value.

In 2022, the penalty for being late with these formalities may range from 10 percent. the amount of the minimum gross wage up to 20 times. This means amounts from PLN 301 to PLN 60,200. However, here it is worth reassuring the latecomers. If you have a rational reason for being late with submitting the declaration, it is worth trying to submit the so-called active regret and describe the circumstances (illness, urgent departure, etc.). There will probably be no fines then.

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