Pensions, detection of office terminations for 65-year-old staff: function open from 26 September to 28 October. NOTE

With ministerial note 33107, the Ministry provides operational indications for the use of the SIDI function, available through the path “INPS services communications” – “Sixty-five-year office retirement survey”.

The system will present the list of personnel, born between 01.09.1956 and 31.08.1958, who are in service at the time of the opening of the survey.

Each office will be able to view, exclusively, the staff of its own competence, providing precise information on whether or not it falls within the termination of office of the sixty-five-year-olds.
The function will be available from 26 September 2022 and the operations must necessarily be completed by 28 October 2022.

Only personnel who have reached a contributory seniority of:
• 41 years and 10 months as of August 31, 2023, if a woman;
• 42 years and 10 months as of August 31, 2022, if male.
• INPS will not be able to verify the relative right to a pension, if the name is not communicated through this function. In such event, it will be the sole responsibility of the head teacher to determine whether the pension requirement is met.


Pensions for teachers and ATA 2022: applications for online applications by 21 October. TABLE OF REQUIREMENTS, DECREE and NOTE

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