Pensions, flat tax, minimum wage and contracts: all the promises of the Lega program that are not in the center-right agreement

The last pill, dated August 16, revolves around the evergreen promise of overcoming the Fornero law with the transition to “share 41“: All retired once they have accumulated 41 years of contributions. For a few days Matteo Salvini dispenses a “I believe“(From the slogan of the Northern League campaign), that is, one promise caught by the exterminated program del Carroccio published last Friday. Over 200 pages in which also on the front economic – from the taxman to the wage minimum – there are many substantial differences with respect to the contents of the synthetic Framework Agreement for a center-right government agreed with Come on Italy And Brothers of Italy. Problem: if, as all polls predict, the party of Giorgia Meloni will be confirmed as the driving force of the coalition given for probable triumph at the polls, the Northern League leader and his constituents will have to digest thegoodbye to many of the Carroccio’s warhorses. After all, Meloni had already warned the allies at the end of July not to make “promises that they cannot be maintained“.

A reckless league on Quota 41 – Let’s start from the pension: given that to launch the next one law of Balance the new government will have short while And few resources (net of over 20 billion of compulsory expenses), in the 15 points of the coalition agreement we limit ourselves to promising “flexibility in output from the world of work and access to retirement by promoting generational turnover “. Flexibility that, moreover, in some form has been granted in recent years by all the executives: before the Quota 100 dear to Salvini, requested by only 380 thousand people, widely below expectationsthere had been theVoluntary bee and theApe social of Renzi (the latter still in force) in addition toWoman option foreseen since 2004, implemented by Fornero and always extended. The League contemptuous of the danger goes much further. “Workers reach the right to early retirement pension with 41 years of contributions,” he puts pen to paper. No mention of the covers of a measure that second Inps it would cost over 9 billion in a decade. Not only that: “For women, a year of figurative contributions is added for each child”. And “for female workers, the right to an old-age pension accrues at 63 (now 67) of age and at least 20 years of contributions”. Followed by the extension of the social Ape and the stabilization of the Woman option. And there is also the guarantee pension for the young (it is not specified with what age limit): 1000 euros regardless of the amount of contributions paid.

The flat tax with 18 rates – Heart beyond the obstacle also on the front of the taxman. The center-right agreement – agrees to offer a new fiscal peace that is harmful to the treasury – provides for the expansion of flat tax at 15% for VAT numbers to incomes up to 100 thousand euros, while for other taxpayers it adopts the “conservative” proposal of FdI to introduce a flat tax incremental – that is, on the increase in income compared to the previous year – and for the future it is content to ventilate the “prospect of further expansion for families and businesses “without details or dates. The League has a much more ambitious project that on the one hand would have heavy costs for the public coffers, on the other hand it would not simplify the tax system at all: indeed, in progress – as the deputy of Iv pointed out Luigi Marattin – the personal income tax rates would even be 18. “Phase two”, as the “government program” explains, would in fact include the extension of the 15% rate to singles with incomes of up to 26 thousand euros, to single-income families with incomes up to 50 thousand and to those with double-income earning up to to 65 thousand. But beyond those thresholds – as required by the 1831 bill with the first signature Siri to which the program refers – the rate would progressively increase by one or more points depending on the type of family. Over 55 thousand euros for single-income households and 70 thousand for double-income ones it would return to normal personal income tax rates which, however, would be reduced from four to three. Result: 18 rates, in fact. By the end of the next legislature, the dream of a flat tax for everyone without income limits should come true.

The “Orlando version” minimum wage – For Meloni the minimum salary is a “red herringbone” and the important thing is to cut the tax wedge as you ask Confindustria. Thus the issue does not appear in the 15 points negotiated with the allies. A little surprisingly, however, the Carroccio inserts it among the necessary interventions under the heading Work. However, this is not the legal minimum in force in most European countries and supported by 5 Star Movement rather than the “Italian” one to which the minister dem had opened Andrea Orlando, which consists in extending the minimums foreseen by the most representative national collective labor agreement to all workers in a sector. “Workers are granted a minimum wage equal to that established by the most widespread national collective labor agreements in the sector”, the program reads. However, it does not take into account the existence of contracts signed by the major trade unions with minimums well below the poverty line.

The obligatory renewal of expired contracts – Under the banner of wildest wishful thinking, then, the forecast of “immediate renewal of all expired ccnl “. The issue is there – over 51% of employees are waiting for an updated collective agreement, with relative salary increases – but signing the agreements is up to trade unions and employers’ organizations: a straight-leg intervention by the government would be a serious matter violation of negotiation autonomy. The social partners, who are opposed to the minimum wage by law precisely in the name of autonomy, would hardly like it.

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