People? Melody is barred from performing on the program and explains why: “It didn’t work”

Melody is barred and unable to sing her song on Domingão alongside Ana Castile; understand what happened

The viewers of Sunday were surprised to see last Sunday (15), the singer Ana Castileowner of the hit popcorn singing the song alone on the show.

Melody, who is also a singer of the song, was left out and left fans curious as to why.

“These days, Ana Castela was on Domingão do Huck, on ‘TVZ’, on ‘Criança Esperança’, and the crowd kept commenting: ‘Why didn’t Melody go? Was Melody not invited?'”began the artist.

Then the young woman, who is only 15 years old, explained the reason: her minority.

“Guys, I was invited to all of them, it would be really cool to do the ‘feat’ again with Ana Castile there, singing with her live, however, television programs usually call very late. And to go to these television programs, I need a specific license, the judge has to sign it and it always takes time to sign it. There is no time to have this license before the program, so that’s why I didn’t go. I was invited, yes, I just didn’t have time to get this license”, said.

Finally, she clarified that she does not have a solo career and that she does not partner with her music partner.

“As you’ve seen, I’ve done other television shows, alone, without Ana Castile, without Chris. We’re not a trio, we’re not a duo. Thank God the feat worked out very well, I really enjoyed recording with them , they’re amazing. But we have a solo career, so the important thing is that they’re out there doing their show, doing everything right and the music pumping for the three of them, helping the three of them.”finished.


After getting into a mess with anita on the social networks, melodyonly 15 years old, had to resolve herself when she was accused of plagiarism in one of her biggest hits, the song Dangerous Assault.

For having used the same melody of positionsfrom North American Ariana Grandethe Brazilian was forced to close a deal with the artist in order to continue with the single on streaming platforms.

When commenting on the solution to the case, Melody also mocked Anitta, who a few days ago even mocked the situation in a live broadcast. “I can’t forget to say that I’m the only Brazilian to have a feat. with Ariana Grande, it’s all right. I love Ariana”said the child singer to TV News.

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