personal history is a plan

Every single mountain climb or bottom of a valley, every obstacle, pain, broken heart and joy you have faced in your life is a connecting point that generates your personal story. Even if you haven’t connected those dots, if you haven’t taken responsibility for each of them, or if those dots are transparent to you, they are connected. Consciously connecting those dots is part of understanding who you are at your core. I would go further; You can’t take responsibility for your life until you connect those dots. It should be clear to your conscience what kind of monster you are and what you are capable of. We are beings beyond our control; We are capable of wonderful moments, and almost at the same time, of horrific acts. There is no limit to the depth of our reality and unless we bring to the surface of our consciousness the points that make up our image, we are lost in the labyrinth of our existence.

Let’s say, for example, when you’ve done something reprehensible to a dear friend, you can acknowledge that you’ve hurt him and ask for his forgiveness; But unless you know exactly what button was pressed for you to do the hateful act and accept that it was you who did the act, you will do it again. Even if you apologized and felt sincerely sorry, if you haven’t connected the dots in your personal story that led to that event and you haven’t matured to the reality of it in your life, It seems that this never happened. You’ll see, In life sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, and if you don’t learn, you lose badly,

Personal history is about who you are and all the ups and downs of the battles going on within you. Just as every line is a result of dots, or all images when viewed closely are billions of dots, so is your personal story, an incredible amalgamation and interrelationship of eventful dots that give rise to the image of who you are.

Just as the ocean is a universe of innumerable drops, and incredible as it may seem, each drop is a universe; you too. There is no way to over-emphasize the relevance of the conscious connection of such key points to ascertaining the relevance of personal experience in one’s life. Jordan b. Peterson draws a direct link between taking responsibility and the meaning you experience in your life, which is a good idea. You need Get the full picture of it, if you don’t know personal historySo taking responsibility is like making your liver work and not your muscle tissue. It is certainly better not to wait until you understand yourself and your personal history to start taking responsibility; But if you don’t put it into your feelings and your experience, you will pay a heavy price, no matter how much responsibility you take.

individually we are a mob

At a fundamental level, you are an individual made up of a plurality of “personalities” who have goals, beliefs, and act with a purpose in your life. If you are not aware of when you are in charge and leading, then who you think you are makes absolutely no difference. They are in charge of your life, and you are according to their wishes. I’m sure you’ve heard of Carl G. You must have already heard Jung’s quote People don’t have ideas, ideas have people, We are the most powerful beings that have evolved in the universe. Our being is the end result of at least 3.5 billion years of evolution of success, failure, adaptation and survival; Do you really believe that everything you are is the result of all the thoughts and actions you have taken over the years?

We have no idea what consciousness is, all we know is that it runs so deep that if you are deep enough there is no light like the ocean. If our ancestors, the Australopithecus who lived two million years ago, had no idea that their survival depended on certain brain functions that allowed them to detect a predator at a distance in the African savannah; Why do you think that the complex process of your consciousness is being shaped only by the thoughts and beliefs you hold? Or even, what are your beliefs that are your fabrications? The depth of who we are is unfathomable, and we will never understand it. Jung called that dense and deep aspect of our self the shadow and it is a powerful and irrational source of our personality. It is hidden from our awareness; It’s the black hole in the background of the galaxy that you are. In Jungian terms, integration and alignment of the conscious self with the shadow is a process of psychological healing, a life-long task. If you take the responsibility of figuring out the dots that connect your life and at the same time aim with determination to achieve whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if you are faced with life’s tragedies. No matter how battered you are, nothing will separate you completely. you persevere and carry on, and your life will not result About the goals and objectives of the personalities living within you.

Writing as a Process of Personal Transformation

Here’s an insightful question about how to connect the dots in your personal story, I’ll share what I’ve learned in over forty years of walking this path. Writing is an excellent means of getting in touch with your personal history. When I was sixteen, long before I began my conscious healing process, I started a notebook where I wrote down stories, thoughts, and occasionally made sketches. I wrote a story about a seed that fell from the top of a redwood tree and landed on the ground. He felt the dampness of the ground, and at first he liked it; Then something inside began to spill over and broke his outer shell and went into utter terror… you get the idea, we are pulled and pushed by circumstances and try tirelessly to fit everything into our area of ​​expertise, Because we fear the unknown and we have powerful systems to avoid the stress they create. Keeping a journal where you write down what’s relevant to your day, or the insights you’ve discovered, is an important practice. It is a place where you can pray and dream, shape your aspirations and discover what lies beneath an experience or emotion.

Writing has some amazing benefits for integrating subconscious levels into consciousness. When we talk, we scatter everywhere and because of the stream of meaning something makes sense that we do not fully understand but share in the dialogue; We are sharing much more than words in conversation, we are looking for what we think. But when we write, to make sense out of it, you have to reduce the flow to a drop and connect each drop to make current flow, to make the thought meaningful. If you don’t, it’s going to be confusing. So writing teaches us to think and makes you a powerful person.

Beneath the threshold of your awareness is you who you really and definitely are, and he/she/it is listening. I know it sounds silly, but one of the most incredible realizations I’ve come to while writing this and still working hard to make it a cornerstone of my life is that one of Persona That inside of me is doing everything it can to help me integrate and be whole. His voice is soft, it does not suppress or impose, sometimes it is silent, not because it does not say anything, but because the noise of my thoughts does not allow me to hear it. This dimension in me appreciates silence and alone time.

write your personal history

Carving out a regular and specific time each day to sit down and write is important for discovering and connecting with the moments, experiences, and events that have impacted your life and been meaningful to you. Take time to be with yourself, you deserve it. After writing and reading your own words, you begin to ask yourself questions about the connection between the moments that were impactful and what you are experiencing today. There are similarities between people in your past and people in your present, echoes of your earlier experiences, and aspects of life that are now obstacles. It will reveal what you have to do.

I started bottling up emotions when it was at its worst; I examined what I felt, what it meant, what emotion guided me. I have written my personal story many times. Sometimes I put an obstacle in the foreground and ask an important question: What hidden benefit am I getting from this feeling? And after receiving the answer, I asked myself, When in my past do I recognize that same feeling? You will be stunned by the connections you will make.

You may think: I don’t have time for that! – Think again, if there is someone you love and care about, would it feel like a waste to spend quality time with him or her? In fact, most people secretly don’t like themselves, and want to go to the dentist for a root canal when faced with the prospect of spending time alone.

I had a spirit guide once tell me: If people knew what they had to endure and sacrifice in order to know themselves, they would never start searching. Although you have some formidable allies, there is one most powerful system you have implanted in your being: a sense of orientation toward what is important, take advantage of it and it will feed you. It is like a compass that guides you what to do next and tells you if you are on the right track. But we’ve neglected it for too long, as teenagers we decided that being fit was more important than anything else; Later we take for granted the values ​​of society and friends and we use them to orient ourselves in professions, business or professional relationships and our love relationships, often ignoring our deeper sense of direction… We have misjudged that compass and it is not surprising that it does not work correctly. Taking responsibility for your life and connecting the dots in your personal story will begin to calibrate your moral compass. If you begin this personal task successfully and are faithful to it, it is a fire that will never go out, no matter what you face throughout your life. Some call it God, others Atman or Allah, others the psychological malleability aspect of your personality. No matter what you call it, it’s the fire of the Phoenix. The events of your life may put pressure on you, destroy you for all intents and purposes, but from the ashes you will rise, and fulfill your goal of achieving the journey of life. If you feel like you haven’t had time to learn who you are and why you act the way you do, then you haven’t had time to live; You will be being used by others and living someone else’s life.

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Chaos is the operating system of life

If you think about it carefully, we are surrounded by chaos. Man’s effort is to order, separate and organize that chaos. We know all the answers to chaos, but the important question is what if I accept chaos as the functional basis of life?

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