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The international alarm for Dengue fever rises. The Ministry of Health of Peru has issued a nationwide epidemiological alert for 75 deaths and over 58,000 cases of dengue. The number of cases exceeds that of last year. This was reported by the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio. The mosquito that transmits Aedes aegypti is found in 22 regions, 94 provinces and 528 districts of the country. Dengue is a flu-like disease caused by a virus present in tropical and subtropical countries that is transmitted through the bites of certain types of mosquitoes (genus Aedes). There is no direct person-to-person transmission.

Immediate disinfestation.  Cases of dengue fever are on the rise, fear in Tuscany

In recent days, meanwhile, a case of Dengue had been registered in the province of Livorno. And the health authorities immediately took action to isolate him. “We inform the citizenry that following the report of a case of Dengue contracted by a person returning from a trip to the tropical area, to protect public health and as an extreme precaution, the mayor has issued an ordinance to be able to carry out the interventions under described in order to reduce the presence of mosquitoes ». The administration of Collesalvetti, a municipality in the province of Livorno, writes in a note. “It is therefore necessary – explains the note – only for the areas indicated, to make the external appurtenances accessible to the personnel in charge who will be equipped with an identification document in order to carry out the interventions / treatments deemed useful that have been planned … until end of works. In case of bad weather the treatment will be postponed to the first useful date “. At the same time as the inspection, information material will be released and in any case the staff will be available for any necessary clarifications”.

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