PFR shield. Companies will have to give back PLN 2 billion

The settlement date of the PFR 2.0 Shield for small and medium-sized enterprises (employing from 10 to 249 employees) is January 15. As the vice president of PFR says, those who want to be sure that they will correctly settle the subsidy and thus receive a decision on its cancellation in April should submit a declaration of settlement with the relevant attachments to the bank. Wednesday at the latest.

– Only then will they receive confirmation on Friday that the documents submitted by them do not contain errors, and those who sent the settlement with, for example, incorrect JPK files, will be able to correct them on Saturday until midnight – explained Marczuk.

Errors in applications

According to the vice president of PFR, there are many errors in the submitted applications: out of 4.5 thousand that were received by PFR until Tuesday, nearly 1,500 require corrections.


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– Entrepreneurs send us JPK attachments for incorrect settlement periods or in the wrong format. There are also many applications without attachments at all – he said. He reminded that, depending on the accounting, these must be JPK_PKPiR or JPK_KR files. It cannot be a JPK_V7M file.


The vice president noted that the wrong statement was sent at the last minute it will be hard to improve.

– If the deadline specified in the regulations expires, the PFR, by definition, is obliged to call the entrepreneur to return the subsidy. The rules say so, ‘he said. He emphasized that he did not understand why entrepreneurs are not able to find a dozen or so minutes to complete and send a simple application via the Internet, the more so as the time for settlement began on November 18.

Shield for mirofirm

On January 15, the first stage of decommitments from the subsidies from the Shield 2.0 passes. The second, involving micro-companies, will start on January 19 and will run until the end of February 2022. In this case, companies will only need to make statements regarding, for example, maintaining operations or compliance with epidemic standardswhich PFR will verify.

The third stage, i.e. issuing redemption decisions, will happen in April.


– If it turns out that after our verification, SMEs or micro-enterprises will have to pay back some part of the subsidy, they will have until May 31, 2022 – he said. He reminded that, as a rule, the redemption for companies that meet the conditions set out in the PFR regulations is 100%.

As part of the PFR 2.0 Shield, i.e. from January 15 to February 28, 2021, 47.7 thousand people received support. companies, including 7.1 thousand from the SME sector. PLN 7.1 billion went to the accounts of entrepreneurs, including PLN 3.8 billion for the SME sector. The average amount of aid for these companies amounted to PLN 539 thousand. PLN, and for micro-enterprises 82 thousand. zloty.

Help was provided to companies covered by 54 PKD codes. The list includes the industries that experienced the negative effects of the pandemic the most Covid-19, including primarily hospitality, trade fairs and events, tourism, fitness and catering.




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