Piers Morgan PLEASES over Meghan Markle and Harry: “Favored, spoiled primadons”

Piers Morgan decided to sum up the recent public performances Meghan and Harrywho came to New York to, inter alia, fight for access to vaccination for disadvantaged citizens.

In the latest column published in the “Daily Mail” former presenter of “Good Morning Britain” called Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “the most toxic royal family in the world” and once again accused him of hypocrisy.


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Meghan and Harry they love to talk about one thing and do the exact opposite. They have just completed a four-day trip around New York City which even by their two-faced standards, it set a new low bar for hypocrisy – he said.

Morgan pointed out to a comforting couple that they pretended to care for the poorest.


They educate the world’s “very wealthy” pharmaceutical companies about the “equality” they are about these privileged, pampered prima donna know everything about palatial comfort and their Californian mansion – the enraged journalist sneered. In fact, it is a ruthlessly cynical attempt to establish them as a new alternative royal family. I feel like puking – we read in the column.

Among the accusations against Meghan and Harry appeared their love of public speaking.

Recall that the Sussexs abandoned Great Britain and their royal duties because they cared about privacy. However, since they landed in the United States, they have been engaged in a shameless, relentless public orgy aimed at grabbing the money earned from hypocrisy.


Piers Morgan also stated that Meghan and Harry it was not for nothing that they did not cut themselves off completely from the royal family.

Their noses are constantly stuck in the royal trough, and it is obvious that now they intend to keep them there until they become repulsively rich and famous the journalist said.

The British TV presenter also compared former members of the royal family to the family Kardashians.

In this respect, they are the royal version of the Kardashians – people with no discernible talent, except that … they cowardly want to publicly ventilate their dirty family underwear for financial gain. But at least the Kardashians’ mission to become billionaires is based on basic honesty: they don’t pretend to be talented or save the planet – he said.


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