Piotr ¯y³a undressed in the cold and jumped into the frozen lake. “It’s warm like …” [WIDEO]

The beginning of the World Cup season in ski jumping performed by the Poles was not particularly successful. In Saturday’s competition, the highest-ranked player from Michał Dolezal’s team was Kamil Stoch, who finished the competition in fifth place (previously he was promoted by 15 positions). On Sunday in Nizhny Tagil, Piotr Żyła was the best – he finished 16th. On the weekend of November 26-28, the jumpers will compete in Finnish Ruce.

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New season, new hopes. “Kubacki can do everything. It could be his winter”

Polish jumpers started the sea season

The team led by Michał Dolezal, with the exception of the infected Klemens Murańka and Piotr ¯y³a, trained on Monday, November 22, at the 134-meter facility in Nizhny Tagil. Each of the competitors jumped three times. “We are convinced that Kamil Stoch and Dawid Kubacki are jumping well. Something strange happened on Sunday” – commented Grzegorz Sobczyk, Czech assistant in an interview with the portal skijumping.pl.

Some jumpers used the opportunity to start the sea season on Monday. Piotr Żyła published the recorded material, in which he entered the ice water together with Stefan Hula. “Russian all inclusive looks like this. That is why it is worth visiting Rasyja” – wrote Żyła. “It’s fun,” said the world champion from Oberstdorf. “Is it warm now or what?” one of the team asked. “It’s as hot as shit,” the 34-year-old replied. The film was recorded by the duo Jakub Wolny – Andrzej Stękała.

“It’s not worth it, don’t lie. Do not go to Russia, lest you get sick from this cold water. Be careful, because you will eat plaster” – wrote Klemens Murańka in the post Żyły. “The sea season is open. Someone tell me that ski jumping is a sport that does not freeze in the veins” – commented Damian Michałowski, TVN journalist.

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