Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek are going through a relationship crisis? Fans saw disturbing signs

Piotr Żyła and Marcelina Ziętek hid their love from the media hype for a long time. Immediately after the public scandal involving Justyna Żyła and the washing of family dirt by his ex-wife, the ski jumper began to meet a much younger actress of para-documentary series.

They were only revealed by their joint holidays, or rather the recordings that Marcelina published on her profile. In some photos, Internet users saw Vein’s face or a fragment of his body.

In the 21st century, discerning fans will always find a subliminal message on the web. This time it was about a crisis in the relationship between Piotr and Marcelina!

Ziętek the first time she did not cheer for her beloved during the inauguration of the World Cup season, although “Wiewiór” has always been able to count on her support so far. On this occasion, the partner even put white and red flowers on her head!

For a very long time they did not show joint photos, unfortunately they do not observe each other on Instagram anymore.

What’s more, the jumper no longer leaves “hearts” under the photos of the young actress – and with reciprocity …

Do you think this is serious?

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