“PIT-2 folds up once”. The Ministry of Finance explains. It is about 425 zlotys a month

On January 1, the Polish Order introduced a major tax reform. One of the changes is the increase in the tax-free amount from PLN 8,000 to PLN 30,000. PLN, thanks to which Poles will have more money left in their wallets. For many, this change will be felt only in 2023, after the tax year has been settled and the overpayment sent by the tax office has been collected. However, by submitting PIT-2, benefits can be obtained faster, on a monthly basis. This applies only to persons employed under an employment contract.

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PIT-2. Submit a print and increase your monthly salary by up to PLN 425

PIT-2 is a declaration submitted by the employee so that the employer can deduct from the salary and pay to the tax office monthly advances for personal income tax, taking into account the tax-free amount.

Along with the increase in the exempt amount, the amount of the tax withholding also increased, which actually reduces the salary. Last year, this amount was PLN 43.76 per month. From January 1, 2022, it amounts to PLN 425. When we submit PIT-2, the monthly salary will be increased by this amount, but the employee will no longer be entitled to a tax refund on this account, after the PIT settlement. However, if we do not submit this form, we will receive the money after a year as a tax refund in the amount of PLN 5,100.

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The Ministry of Finance explains: PIT-2 is submitted once

Due to the huge popularity of the PIT-2 form, the Ministry of Finance informed that the statement “is generally submitted once, right after starting work for a given employer”.

As we read in the release, the employer is not prevented from accepting and applying this declaration at any time of the year. “Once submitted, PIT-2 remains valid in subsequent tax years (until its cancellation / withdrawal by an employee), emphasizes the Ministry of Finance.

PIT-2. For whom? Who should submit the application?

PIT-2 is for people employed full-time, i.e. under a contract of employment. At the same time, however, the applicant must declare that:

  • does not receive an old-age or disability pension,
  • does not receive benefits from the FP or the FGŚP,
  • does not earn income from:
  • – business activity (when setting up a company, PIT-2 should be withdrawn if you do not want to pay extra for the tax),
  • – rental or lease.

PIT-2 does not apply to persons who have civil law contracts, i.e. commission contracts and contracts for specific specific work.

PIT-2 can only be submitted to one employer, if someone works in two or more places. If someone filed PIT-2 with two or three employers, he would have to pay a lot to the Tax Office when settling the tax (because we took the advance payment twice or three times, as if from PLN 60,000 or PLN 90,000, and we are entitled only to the amount of PLN 30,000. ).

PIT-2 application. Where to find a print pattern? What does the form look like?

If you are not sure whether you submitted your PIT-2 to your employer at the time of employment, you can ask about it in human resources. But if every year you received several hundred zlotys of tax refund, you probably did not submit your PIT-2.

The PIT-2 template can be found at HERE.

The PIT-2 form is short. All you need to do is provide your data, indicate the payer and sign.

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