PIT-2. To fold or not? Chaos in companies

– Each taxpayer will be able to submit PIT-2 at any time. If someone has not submitted their PIT-2, they will be able to change their decision at any time – Jan Sarnowski, deputy finance minister said last week. However, the confusion caused by the implementation of the provisions of the Polish Order caused the ministry to forget about this declaration, writes the Law.pl website.

“As a result, there is information chaos in workplaces, and employees do not know whether, due to the entry into force of the Polish Order, PIT-2 companies must be submitted. The issue is considerable – it has to do with increasing the tax-free amount to 30 in thousand PLN. ” – we read on the website.

Until now, PIT-2 was not a form that significantly changed the amount of monthly salary, as the amount reducing the tax was PLN 525.12 per year, i.e. less than PLN 44 per month. From January, it is already PLN 5,100 a year, i.e. PLN 425 per month. The difference is therefore significant and tangible to our wallets.

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