Pitti / 3. Fiat chooses Fessura: Runflex 500 is born, the green shoe. “Sole with industrial and agricultural waste, perfect with the electric car”

by Raffaele Vitali

MONTEGRANARO / FLORENCE – After the deal with Pepsiwhich brought the Fessura di Montegranaro company to the world, here is the second agreement with one of the largest international companies: Fiat.

“We produce and distribute a Runflex capsule collection. It will be available from March 2023, fully Fiat branded, with the electric line ”explain Andrea Vecchiola, veneral director of the company, and Sabrina Rosso, marketing manager. Runflex 500 is an activewear project for running and free time created to offer new sensations of movement thanks to a patented system that lightens the step and releases energy while walking.

But what unites Fessura and Fiat?

“We share the values ​​of innovation and technology. And then the green soul being the perfect 500E for our shoe designed with a bottom made from production material scraps. Inside, which makes it even more unique, the four islands that stimulate the reflexology massage, a new experience of movement “.

How do you get to Fiat?

“The Stellantis holding was impressed by our project. we contacted her and clearly having already worked with a giant like Pepsi was the main reference. But that wouldn’t be enough. After several meetings, what convinced them is the philosophy behind the Runflex that combines technology with a green soul “.

What’s green about the Fessura 500 shoe?

“The bio-attributed sole, the Organics 3.0 that Finproject has created and that we use in preview. The materials used are agricultural and forestry waste, not recycling, and biodegradable industrial and urban waste. The new Xl Extralight compound first convinced the ENI world and then Fiat. Compared to the normal edition of Runflex, which used a super soft Eva sole, here we think about something green, like an electric car “.

What does the license signed between fessura and Fiat provide?

“A branded shoe, a co-marketing job together. The communication also in the specialized motor press. However, everything that is production, distribution and sales is through our channels “.

Image operation, but also commercial?

“In the meantime, Fiat arrived at Pitti for the first time with us and this struck the visitor. No, a car often happens inside a stand. Those who come to Pitti are looking for the new, at Fessura they have found it. I am convinced that it will be a shoe that we will sell well, I am thinking of the American market and Dubai, which has already contacted us “.

How is it promoted?

“First social phase, to then enter the sales channels by selecting the suitable points. The agreement is for one year, but we are both sure we will renew it. The shoe follows the colors of the 500 and we use the Pantone Fiat in six colors that recall pastels, but more electric ”.

An emerging brand close to the giant, how much satisfaction?

“It is the confirmation that we are working well. And above all, we overcome the image phase by making it more and more commercial. From February 2023, when the shoe goes on sale, we will have confirmation of the choice. It is certainly an operation that follows the proceeds received from the shareholders who entered the capital, including the Azimut group, who believe in our development “.

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