Pixel 6 has another problem. This time it won’t load!

Pixel 6 reveals more bugs. This time it turns out that many flagship owners have a problem with charging it with a charger other than the company’s one. What’s worse, you won’t find a dedicated power supply in the box!

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro smartphones are not easy. Immediately after the loud and long-announced premiere, the first unflattering news about equipment began to hit the network. Unfortunately, the bad streak continues, and the flagships are presented from an increasingly worse side. Google is trying to patch bugs, but it is not doing very well.

I see a list of Google Pixel 6 errors and grab my head. How can it be sold?

Google Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 / photo by the producer

Google Pixel 6 – loading problems

It’s time for another dose of bad news. Some Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners have noticed that their smartphones do not want to charge using chargers other than the one from Google. Let me remind you that the manufacturer does not supply a smartphone with a power supply – customers have to buy a fairly expensive charger, the price of which in Europe is around 30 euros. (Pixel 6 has not been officially sold in Poland – we will buy it in the x-com store, but the copy is huge).

The first supporters of conspiracy theories had already found the purposefulness of such an action in Google’s mishap. They claim that the manufacturer specifically prevented the flagship from using chargers other than the company’s one – but this is a rather unlikely scenario, which we rather do not take into account.

Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 Pro / photo by the manufacturer

Worse, some owners of the latest generation Pixels even have a problem with wireless charging of the smartphone – with a charger from Google! So this is another Pixel problem, the solution of which we are waiting for – at this moment Google has not addressed it yet.

This is the next mishap of the manufacturer, right after the defects related to the fingerprint reader, the battery or the disappearing unique Magic Eraser function. You can read more about these problems in the following post:

I see a list of Google Pixel 6 errors and grab my head. How can it be sold?

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