PKP PLK declares: it will be possible to travel by train to Kartuzy and Somonin

15:07, 01/12/2021 | WD

In the press release sent today, PKP PLK assures that during the modernization of the railway line No. 201 it will be possible to travel by train from Gdańsk to Kartuzy and Somonin. Earlier, there was information that from mid-March next year to mid-July, trains will not travel to Kartuzy, and passengers will have to use a replacement bus service.

Gazeta Wyborcza Trójmiasto informed about the problems, writing about many years of delays in the implementation of important railway investments, as well as a gigantic increase in their costs.

The publication emphasizes that due to delays in the implementation of key investments, huge problems will arise in rail traffic in our region – both for freight and passengers.

It would concern, inter alia, passengers from the area Kartuzy, because the information from GWT shows that “from mid-March next year to mid-July, trains will stop commuting to Kartuzy“and a deputy bus service would be introduced. The problem is to be related to the modernization of a section of the railway line between Glincz and Kartuzy.


In today’s press release, PKP PLK informs that it is necessary to define a new scope of the project the modernization of line 201 and new costs required a change in completion dates. PKP PKL emphasizes that the organizers of passenger transport and the partners of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA know about the scope and details of electrification.

As we read in the information on this subject, pthe analyzed scope of the project has been extended among others for the construction of a third track from Gdańsk Osowa to Gdynia, the construction of a new Gdynia Wzgórze Św. Maksymilian, creation of a bypass from Kiełpinek through Stara Piła and Glincz to Kartuzy (on lines No. 229 and 234), as an alternative connection between Tricity and Kartuzy, not only for the modernization of the Maksymilianowo – Gdynia line (No. 201), construction of an additional track along the entire length of line 201 and increasing the speed to 160 km / h on the section from Maksymilianów to Kościerzyna.

On the other hand the result of meetings with residents “It was necessary to modify the scope of the project, to increase safety measures, including the construction of collision-free crossings above or below the tracks.”

The implementation of the project assumes the division of the line No. 201 on the section Maksymilianowo – Gdynia with a length of 170 km into 7 implementation contracts. Work on the contracts will begin successively in 2023-2024 and end in 2026-2027.

AND important information for passengers with the area of Kartuzy:

(…) It will be possible to travel by train from Gdańsk to Kartuzy and Somonin for the modernization of line 201. Under the first contract – planned to be announced next year – the line from Somonin to Kartuzy (no. 214) will be modernized. Works on this line are to be completed at the beginning of 2024. Then the Kartuzy – Glincz line (No. 229) will be fully modernized along with the Kartuzy station and the construction of a new link (…) – informs PKP PLK

As for the so-called Carthusian bypass that has as an alternative connection between Gdańsk and Kartuzy, according to PKP PLK, the completion of all works is planned for the end of 2022.

– The assumed effects will be after the construction of the passing road in Dzierżążno, the modernization of the Kartuzy station and the construction of a new link. These works will end at the beginning of 2024, along with works on the Somonino – Kartuzy line (No. 214) – he emphasizes in the message sent press spokesman PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA

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