“Plastica” the unfiltered album of the rock-band Il Grido

On the other hand, every type of mannerism and cliché disappears, leaving room for total research and sonic freedom without the desire to belong to any particular musical genre.. “

From today it is present on digital platforms “Plastic”, the new album of the rock band The Scream: a recording project homogeneous, genuine and immediate with refined and refined features; a record that marks a change of course for the band, which where a long search finds a unique sound between grunge, alternative rock and electronics.

Any kind of mannerism and cliché, on the other hand, disappears in this record, leaving room for total research and freedom: “The plastic from which it takes its name is the one that made up so many new and inviting experiences in which we found ourselves, but which were not as beautiful as the advertising promised. We tore off the plastic and got our hands dirty by immersing them in the reality of the facts.“- continues the band -“The songs are therefore the story of the path we have made towards these awareness, through apparent beauty, invisible to a superficial glance, hidden under layers of ephemeral plastic and reachable only after a journey made up of questions addressed to oneself, in the sharing of wealth. that are not objects, like music, sleepless nights spent together, looks while dancing, filling each other a glass of wine.

The whole project it was written, arranged and played by Il Grido (Giuseppe Di Bianca, Andrea Jannicola, Davide Costantini and Lorenzo Spurio Pompili), under the artistic direction of Walter Babbini and mixed and mastered at the PurpleMix in Guidonia; the choruses on “Poveri ma sexy”, “Plastica” and “Maledetto Me” are by Alice Silvestrini.

The artwork and graphics were handled by Matteo Di Capua and all the photos taken by Camilla Trani.

The ten songs that make up the first album are:

POOR BUT SEXY ‘: it is our certificate of esteem for all those who, like us, live on music or art in general. A life without rules and unfortunately often also without certainties, but perhaps the only life we ​​could ever live“.
self-deprecating song, in which the protagonist does not take his story or the fact that he has been left seriously. It’s a way of making fun of your nerd condition and trying to exorcise them and make it lighter“.
single that drives the release of the album and that fully represents our current compositional research. It talks about the moment when you become aware that a story cannot live on passion alone, and that there is an inevitable crossroads, that between getting lost and meeting more deeply.“.
THE DIFFERENCE’: “punk piece of the disc, decided as the awareness of the protagonist. A cut that becomes a scar. Before we were wondering what makes a person hurt us, now we don’t care anymore, the difference is all here“.
HYMN’: “
funky song that sarcastically describes all the effects of social networks in our lives. It is something we all undergo without realizing it for years now and we often underestimate the consequences“.
the Japanese art of repairing broken things with gold, thus finding new life. Even a love story can deteriorate, but if you choose to take care of it and put gold in the cracks, this story can also have new life.“.
DAMN ME ‘: “
the most electronic track on the record. As you can understand from the title it is not really a treatise on self-esteem and almost describes an identity crisis that has occurred in the protagonist when he realizes who he really is and all his mistakes.“.
the most romantic ballad on the disc. Each love story is a small and unique madness, it is a game of which the rules are invented as you play to make it more fun and unpredictable. And the protagonist knows that nothing will prevent him from enjoying this moment of pure poetry“.
it is certainly the most ironic piece, a treatise on how to play down. After all, musicians have a superpower: when they are left they write songs about exes and make money on them. Do you want to drop me? No problem. I turn disappointments into money“.
GHOST LIMB: sweet / bitter song that closes the disc. The memory of an important person can burn even if it is no longer part of us, as if it were a phantom limb“.

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