Playing Games and Taking Pictures Online Can Now Make You Money

Credit: Shutterstock

Are you one of those who spend a lot of time just playing games online?

I am talking about spending most of your free time on your PC or even your phone playing games. Fair enough – you love playing games as most people but what if you could be getting more from the time you spend playing the games you love?

If this is new to you, then keep reading as you will discover a very awesome technique you can be using to make extra cash while still playing the games you love.

This technique involves playing games online and taking pictures, to make extra money.

Yes, thanks to the Internet you can do that now. Instead of just spending every day only playing games and not getting paid anything, you can spend a bit of your free time to take pictures and sell the pictures online.

There are many genuine companies and websites which pay people to take pictures as they sell these pictures to their subscribers. These types of websites are called stock photo websites and there are many of them online that pay people to take and sell their pictures.

Some of these stock photo sites include:

  • Istock Photo
  • Megapixl
  • Big Stock Photo
  • Dreamstime

If you want to get paid more though, you can be selling feet pics on the Internet to many people around the world.

People who pay money for feet pics have what is called a fetish for feet and spend big money to satisfy this fetish.

Just like how some people may love hair or face or other parts of the body, these people just love feet and have no problems spending money to buy feet pictures from people selling foot photos.

You can be taking your feet pictures and selling to these people online while still playing games for the fun of it.

This is a really good way to spend your free time, instead of just playing games and not getting paid anything. You don’t even need to buy the expensive phone to use as normal phone cameras are good enough for taking good quality feet pictures to sell.



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