PlayStation 5: possible price, features, design and more news

The¬†Sony¬†company¬†surprised all video game lovers, the¬†PlayStation 5¬†console¬†will hit the market during this 2020. The fifth installment of the company born in Tokyo, Japan, has news that more than one has left with ‘mouth open ‘.

The first revelation was the logo that the presentation will have when starting (turning on) the console.¬†Sony took advantage of its conference at¬†CES 2020, Consumer Electronics Fair in Las Vegas,¬†to give the “notation.”

PS5 will go on sale at the end of 2020. This will include a Dualshock 5 control, a 3D audio chip, ray-tracing and a high-speed solid-state drive, and, if that were not enough, it will also read the PS4 games

Among the elements of the video game console, ray-tracing stands out: it is based on the simulation of solar rays in real-time and 3D audio: it redefines the sound that can be made in a video game.

Optical discs will naturally support 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Sony said its console will hold up to 8K at 60 FPS. If all this seems enough to you, well with the next detail you will fall in love and you will long for it.

Haptic technology

The Dualshock 5 will feature haptic technology in its buttons. In each game, you can feel a variety of very diverse textures when piloting through grass fields or if the vehicle is above the mud.


No doubt the value of this new ‚Äútoy‚ÄĚ will have to be seen before acquiring it.¬†Experts estimate that the value does not exceed USD 400, it is¬†worth clarifying that it depends on the country and region where it is sold.

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