PlayStation is creating a new development studio with Visual Arts Group and Naughty Dog –

Soon a new first party development studio from PlayStation. According to what is reported by the user of Resetera kostacurtas, Sony would be collaborating for the purpose with the Japanese company Visual Arts Group, also supported by Naughty Dog. Consider that the two software houses worked together on The Last of Us series. If desired, it would be a kind of promotion for Visual Arts Group, which in this way could grow under the wing of the Japanese multinational, becoming moreover autonomous, that is, able to develop completely its own projects.

The news has not yet been announced, but it is practically given for certain, given that a Visual Arts Group job announcement talks about it. The position sought is that of senior producer. Particularly interesting is the text, which clearly states that “In collaboration with PSS Visual Art, PlayStation is creating a new in-house development team.” In the same text we recall the collaboration with Naughty Dogwho is also referred to as a partner of the new mystery project: “This important project is in development with the collaboration of Naughty Dog. Although it has not been announced for now, we have a clear vision and the plan to launch.”

The announcement then speaks of very high visual quality, guaranteed by the experience of the studio and explicitly refers to the fact that it is a project triple A.

It’s hard to say what this mysterious project might be. Until now Visual Arts Group has essentially served as a support studio, so it does not have its own franchises. That Sony has decided to entrust him with the Uncharted franchise, given the proximity to Naughty Dog? Difficult to say, because to manage a new chapter in the series it would have to grow a lot in a short time. We’ll see what comes out.

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