[Plotka] Robert Downey Jr. received an offer to appear in the project Star Wars – Star Wars: Rebelianckie Szumowiny

Over the past decade Robert Downey Jr. became one of the most recognizable actors in the world (mainly due to the role of Tony Stark in the films Marvel Studios). Fans have long speculated that his performance in Star Wars it is only a matter of time – and if you believe the latest reports, it may indeed be so.

Responding to fans’ guesses Downey could play the role of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Noah Outlaw – one of the lecturers Kessel Run Transmissions, where information was passed on which later turned out to be true – he said that such a scenario could not be counted on. By the way, however, he noted that the label responsible for star war content offered the actor a different role in the universe.

Robert Downey Jr. he is not Thrawn.
But I can say that … Lucasfilm spoke to him about the future project Star Wars. “

Of course, it must be emphasized that this should by no means be treated as reliable information. However, if we were to indicate projects in which Robert Downey Jr. he could become part of the world Star Wars, it is worth recalling that he is currently working on several series Jon Favreau, director Iron Manand one of the upcoming films is about to be produced Kevin Feige, president Marvel Studios. It could therefore be assumed that the possible performance of the actor in Star Wars would take place in one of these artists’ projects.

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