Plus he is giving away cash, no hooks – and I understand this Black Week!

In the promotion of the Plus network, subscribers are waiting for PLN 100 cashback from an ATM for each number and up to PLN 400 for selected phones.

If you’ve been waiting to buy a new phone or sign a subscription contract for Black Friday, we have good news – an attractive promotion is waiting for you in Plus. Good old cash for the taking. Even a lot of cash – combining offers you can win over PLN 1000 for your upcoming holiday expenses.

Who can get the money? In fact, everyone who will extend, transfer the number or sign a new subscription contract from November 8 to December 24. Such clients are entitled to PLN 100 cashback from an ATM for each number. Additionally, by purchasing selected phone models you can get additional PLN 200 or 400.

Importantly, there are no hooks in this offer. We are not talking about any vouchers for subsequent purchases, but about real cash (and “cash”, “cash”, “mammon”, “lettuce” or whatever else you prefer). After receiving the refund, we will be able to withdraw it from any Euronet ATM and use it for whatever we want.

Importantly, the promotion covers some really nice smartphones. It is time, therefore, to take a look at what models we can find in the offer.

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