PoE ?? celebrates the end of the year, December Events 2021 has started in the game

December 3, 2021, 11:30

This year is slowly coming to an end and on this occasion the Grinding Gear Games studio has planned a series of events in Path of Exile. Players can count on many interesting and challenging challenges.


  1. On the occasion of the end of the year to Path of Exile There will be six events in which players will take on various challenges.
  2. The first of them ?? Endless Delve ?? started today. The end of the entire series is scheduled for January 10th.
  3. Additionally, players will be able to earn items by tracking Twitch broadcasts.

On the occasion of the ending year, the Grinding Gear Games team announced a series of events in Path of Exile (only on PC). There will be a total of six of them and will be held over the next five weeks.

Below you will find a general list of events. If you need to delve into the details of the events, please click here.

  1. Endless Delve (December 3, 13): During this event, players will descend into the depths of the Azurite Mine. If you take up the challenge, you will have to go deeper and deeper and face the growing adversities.
  2. Zizaran’s Gauntlet (December 10-20): An event organized by a streamer in which players will be tasked with accumulating points by leveling up and defeating bosses. The prizes to be won are funded by Zizaran and other community streamers.
  3. Endless Heist (17-12 December 27): This is a brand new mode that completely ignores the campaign. The main task of the players will be to carry out risky robberies with the help of mercenary thieves. It is worth remembering that dying will be tantamount to losing your loot.
  4. Atlas Invasion (December 24 ?? January 3): In this mode, players will encounter new bosses in each area of ​​the Wraeclast. The enemies won’t be easy to defeat, but if players manage to kill them, they’ll get unique items.
  5. Delirium Everywhere (December 31 ?? January 10): Delirium mists envelop the entire land, making each area of ​​the map more challenging and filled with enemies. This will be the perfect mode for players who like a challenge … and want to earn interesting items.
  6. Path of Exile: Royale featuring Brutus (9, 23, 30 December): to Path of Exile battle royale mode will return. However, it will be slightly modified. At some point Brutus will appear in the middle of a safe zone on the map, which players can fight or use to eliminate competition.

The creators of the game also published a trailer for upcoming events. If you want to see a foretaste of what will happen in Path of Exile over the next five weeks, it’s worth reading.

On the other hand, if you are not brave enough to take part in the described events, then nothing is lost. It will also be possible to earn rewards by watching broadcasts on Twitch. It is worth noting here that the so-called ?? twitch drops ?? they will only be available on the first day of each event. You can read about the prizes for viewing here.

For PC gamers Path of Exile The end of this year promises to be extremely interesting.

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