Point Break/ On Italia 1 the film with Edgard Ramirez remake of the 1991 cult

Point Break, film of Italia 1 directed by Ericson Core

Point Break it goes broadcast today, Thursday 8 December 2022, up Italy 1 starting from 21.20. It is an action and thriller film produced between the United States of America and China in 2015 by John Baldecchi and directed by Ericson Core who also took care of photography. The music instead was entrusted to Junkie XL. They occupy a prominent place in the cast of Point Break Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Clemens Schick and Teresa Palmer.

In the cast of Point Break of the Italian dubbers there are among others Andrea Mete, Fabio Boccanera, Paolo Marchese and many others. This is a reinterpretation of the film of the same name produced in 1991 and starring the famous Keanu Reeves as well as the late Patrick Swayze. The first commented negatively on the release of the remake, in his opinion not at all close to the original he interpreted. Furthermore, the film should have been released in theaters in 2015 but due to unknown circumstances the distribution took place only the following year.

Point Break, the plot of the film

The protagonist of the story of Point Break it’s a man named Johnny, nicknamed Utah and passionate about extreme sports. His specialty is stunts and aerial evolutions on motorbikes, especially in the company of his faithful friend Jeff. However, the latter, during one of the usual motocross races, is the victim of a heartbreaking accident that leads him to lose his life due to a small, albeit fatal, mistake. The friend’s desperation is such as to lead him to the definitive decision to leave that world at the limit of risk forever, dedicating himself to other interests.

Several years after Jeff’s disappearance, he decides to pursue a career in law enforcement, applying for a position in the FBI in order to achieve his aspiration of being a federal agent. During the probationary period, he wants at all costs to find a case where he can demonstrate all his potential in order to obtain the coveted promotion.

Precisely, he inquires about a bizarre band of criminals operating in the sector of big shots and thefts of precious jewels. Johnny is literally invaded by adrenaline and the desire to take on the challenge so as to convince the FBI managers of how much he deserves that place. Once the case is taken over, he will spend days looking for more information and specific clues to break up the gang and catch it red-handed. Despite the difficulties and the risks for his life, Utah demonstrates all his determination and desire for revenge not only by ruining the gang’s crazy plans but also by capturing the criminal who was in charge of it.


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