Pokémon GO, Deoxys Form Speed ​​Coming in Ex Raids

Pokémon GO, Deoxys

Deoxys Speed ​​is officially coming to Pokémon GO, the confirmation comes from the developers: here is what we know about the new shape of the Pokémon DNA.

In this first part of 2019, the developers of Niantic Labs allowed the arrival of the Pokémon DNA Deoxys inside Pokémon GO, and in two different forms: the Attack Form and the Defense Form. We learn in these hours that even the Speed ​​Form is finally coming. 

Starting today Monday, June 24, 2019, all players who receive an invitation for the EX Raid on Pokémon GO will officially face the Speed ​​Form of the Legendary Generation Pokémon of Hoenn. Too bad if until now you haven’t managed to register the Attack Form and Defense Form in the Pokédex, but surely in the near future they too will return, as well as Mewtwo, the first ever Pokémon proposed in the Raid EX. 

The ways in which it is possible to apply for the Raid EX of Pokémon GO remain unchanged: it is necessary to participate in the Raids in your own city that take place in Candidate Gyms, and hope that in the following days an invitation will be notified by the Game App of Pokémon GO. Have you already captured the first two Deoxys?

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