Pokémon GO

Niantic Labs will pay $ 4 million for losing a class action against citizens annoyed by Pokémon GO players.

Niantic Labs will pay $ 4 million after negotiating a class action related to Pokémon GO.

The plaintiffs demanded and obtained to be compensated for the disturbances caused by Pokémon GO at the launch of the application, with many who violated their property to hunt for critically ill creatures.

Consider that one of the plaintiffs found himself with hundreds of people in front of the house, at all hours of the day and night. The payment does not correspond to an admission of guilt by Niantic Labs, but it’s just a way to close the matter. The paradox is that the twelve plaintiffs obtained only $ 1,000 each, against the 2,500 requested, while the rest of the sum will cover the legal costs of the case, which lasted three years. The moral is that only lawyers have earned it.

Niantic has also agreed to create a new site for reporting Pokémon GO problems. The system should guarantee the resolution of 95% of the cases within 15 days of the report.

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