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“Soon Poland will become a framework state of the Eurocorps. Today in Paris an agreement was signed strengthening our country’s status in these structures. This is an important step and proof of our commitment to security in the region” – the Ministry of National Defense said on Twitter.

With membership, Poland will acquire the status of a Eurocorps framework state – co-deciding on the tasks and structure of this multinational organization.

Last week, the Sejm gave the consent – necessary for membership – for the President’s ratification of the Eurocorps treaty. The law authorizing the president to ratify is currently in the Senate.

The Eurocorps is a multinational Rapid Reaction Command based in Strasbourg. Its tasks include planning and conducting operations for international organizations such as the EU, NATO and the United Nations. Established in 1992 by France and Germany, it began operating in 1993. Soon after, France and Germany decided to open the unit to other countries of the Western European Union. The framework states of the Eurocorps – which decide on the tasks, structure and future of this formation – include, in addition to the founding countries, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg. Associated countries – with limited obligations and rights – are Austria, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania and Poland.

Poland has had the status of an associated state since 2002. In 2007, a decision was made to apply for full membership, and in 2011, a declaration was signed on Poland’s achieving the status of a framework state. It was planned that in 2019 the command of the Eurocorps would be taken over by a Polish general.

In 2017, when the Ministry of National Defense announced its intention to gradually reduce the involvement in the activities of the Eurocorps, which was justified by the expected greater involvement of this command in activities for the EU than for NATO. In 2019, Poland expressed its readiness to suspend the reduction of its participation in the Eurocorps due to its increased participation in NATO activities. After the ratification of the Treaty and Poland acquiring the status of a framework state in 2023, the Polish general is to take the rotating position of the commander of the Eurocorps. The costs of joining the Eurocorps as a framework nation, the secondment of personnel and logistic support, including equipment, were estimated at PLN 60 million per year.


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