Poles are crazy about online shopping. We spend a fortune

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As shown by a survey conducted by SW Research for Allegro, almost 84 percent. Poles decided to make a metamorphosis of the interiors in the last 18 months. Almost 22 percent admitted that the changes made were significant.

So what do we follow when arranging a flat or a house? Most, because about 58 percent. indications concerned usability and practicality, 48 percent – equipment prices. In turn, about 47 percent. – durability and quality. Similar answers were given in the case of gardens or balconies – as much as 80 percent. respondents have been tempted to change in recent months. In this case, however, as a key factor, especially important when arranging a garden or balcony, was the ease of maintenance (62.9%), aesthetic value (50.4%) and the resistance of plants to pests and weather conditions (42%). respondents). The next places are price (35%) and functionality in terms of having a pet (16.7%).

There is also great interest in online shopping in the “home & garden” category. Over 300 million products were sold in this segment from the beginning of 2021 to the end of October. This means that on average, almost 695 items were added to the cart every minute!

The most popular segments were decorations and ornaments, tableware and kitchen accessories. Interestingly, interest in plants has grown significantly. It might seem that this section is very difficult to develop in online trading, yet – the interest is enormous. In just 9 months of this year, over 13 million products from the plant category were sold, and the monstery was an undeniable hit.

The interiors were dominated by three styles: japandi, boho and artdeco. And the gardens? Ecology. The buyers on the platform most often looked for animal-friendly solutions, flower meadows or houses for insects and birds. Increasingly, in garden arrangements, there will also be discounts inspired by nature, i.e. with the use of wild species from the area where the garden is built, or drought-resistant plants. Additionally, gardens often use materials such as natural stones, bricks, gravel, old wood (or its high-quality imitations), as well as wooden trunks and roots, just like several decades ago. A natural garden should also include a water source – stone cascades, ponds, miniature waterfalls.

Bearing in mind the upcoming holidays, it’s hard not to mention the decorations for this special time. As the results of the survey conducted by SW Research for Allegro show, only … 4.6 percent. of the respondents do not decorate their interiors for holidays or on occasions such as Halloween or Valentine’s Day. This can also be seen in searches, especially those related to Christmas. From year to year, Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier. In 2019 and 2020, we bought baubles and Christmas decorations from mid-October, and in 2021 … all year round! Of course, in summer these were smaller numbers, but the data shows that winter gadgets were in demand every month. Already in July, 5,500 baubles and Christmas decorations gained new owners. And only in September this year was sold … as much as 27 percent. more baubles and Christmas trees than in September 2020.

So what will this year’s Christmas trees look like? Poles do not depart from the classics – the trees in Polish homes will be white, gold and red, as they do every year. The searches also show a strong return to tradition. For the first time, glass baubles are more often sought after than plastic ones.


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