Polish jumpers without form. The expert calls for one thing and gives an important date

Poor inauguration of the season by Polish jumpers. After such an unsuccessful start in Nizhny Tagil, should Poles fly to Kuusamo or return to the country for quiet training? Rafał Kot has no doubts.

Szymon Bearingński

Szymon Bearingński

Piotr Żyła

PAP / EPA / YURI KOCHETKOV / In the photo: Piotr Żyła

– I wouldn’t make such nervous movements. This is the beginning of the season and you have to jump in competitions – emphasized for WP SportoweFakty a former physiotherapist of Polish jumpers.

Before the windy hill in Kuusamo, however, it is hard to be optimistic. In Nizhny Tagil Polish jumpers jumped poorly. They have not had such an unsuccessful inauguration of the season since 2015. In both individual competitions, only two Polish jumpers scored points.

On Saturday, Kamil Stoch was 5th and Dawid Kubacki was 13th. A day later, both weren’t even in the final series. In turn, on Sunday, Piotr Żyła was 16th, and Andrzej Stękała was 30th. They both did not qualify for the second round on Saturday.

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– And it is precisely these results that show one thing above all, the form of Poles is unstable – pointed out Rafał Kot.

– Traditionally, conditions in Nizhny Tagil have not been easy. There was a lot of lottery, but it’s not like we can blame everything. Poles make mistakes, and with such a strong wind as in Nizhny Tagil, each mistake increases and the losses to rivals are even greater – he added.

Although the inauguration of the season was much below expectations, the former staff physiotherapist recommends a calm approach to the subject.

– I am appealing for one thing above all: no nervous movements. There is no doubt that the inauguration did not go well for the guys, but we cannot criticize the band strongly anymore. A few more competitions are needed to properly assess their form. If, however, it is also bad in Wisła, then you have to sound the alarm so that the entire Olympic season is not lost. For now, let’s stay calm to Wisła – the interlocutor of WP SportoweFakty appealed.

Wisła competitions (team and individual) will be held on 3-5 December. Earlier, the jumpers will compete in Kuusamo. On Saturday and Sunday (November 27-28) there will be two individual competitions. Broadcast on TVN and Eurosport 1.

In Finland: Stoch, Kubacki, Żyła, Stękała, Wolny and Hula are to start. It is not known about Murańka, who tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday, is in isolation and is waiting for the results of the next PCR tests. If they are also positive, the Pole will spend 10 days in isolation.

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