“Polish order”. The tax office will agree to an amnesty, but for a fee

2021-11-24 06:51

2021-11-24 06:51

& quot; Polish order & quot ;.  The tax office will agree to an amnesty, but for a fee
& quot; Polish order & quot ;.  The tax office will agree to an amnesty, but for a fee
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There will be favors from the tax office for frauds. But only for some cases and for salty fees, informs Rzeczpospolita on Wednesday.

“Polish order”, or the great redistribution of income

We counted who will gain and who will lose

“Among the many changes provided for in the act introducing the so-called” Polish order “there is also a kind of amnesty for those who concealed their income from the tax authorities. And although it was indeed provided for gentle treatment of those who voluntarily report their fiscal sins, the amnesty will not apply to everyone” – we read in Rzeczpospolita on Wednesday.

As he reports, usually when the tax office detects income from undisclosed sources, the taxpayer is charged 75%. tax. “Lenient treatment will mean that the tax office will not apply this draconian sanction to those who voluntarily report withholding income. The procedure provided for in the act allows for reporting violations of tax law that have not yet expired (i.e. from the last five years). report irregularities in VAT or fiscal offenses (ie culpable and intentional actions to the detriment of the State Treasury). Applications in these cases may be submitted from October 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023 – emphasizes Rzeczpospolita.

He adds that donating wines does not mean, however, that the tax office will not earn anything on it. From the disclosed income, you will have to pay a one-time special 8%. tax. The act called it “a temporary lump sum on income”. “To this you will have to add a fee for the relevant application to the tax office. It is to amount to 1% of the disclosed income, not less than PLN 1,000 and not more than PLN 30,000” – we read in the newspaper.

As it was written, the burden of people who report on themselves will not end there. “The act provides a solution for situations in which the taxpayer is not sure whether his actions were a breach of tax law and whether an amnesty may be applied to them. To this end, the Minister of Finance is to appoint a special Council for Capital Repatriation. In the course of parliamentary work, objections were raised as to the amount of the “lump sum.” The Senate Legislative Office even suggested that this could be a violation of the constitutional principle of equality of taxpayers. percent tribute would even be a preference “- stated. (PAP)

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