Poncho de Nigris and his wife recreate a scene of ‘La Familia P. Luche’ on TikTok


Monterrey, Nuevo León.- The influencer and driver television, Poncho de Nigris, and his wife Marcela Mistral have become all stars TikTokand is that the occurrences of the couple does not have a limit.

On this occasion, through the platform, the interpreter of Own goal and your spouse used to recreate a scene from La Familia P. Luche, a moment that unleashed the ‘madness’ among the followers of both.

Within the video, Poncho, and Marcela went into character and performed one of the classic discussions of ‘Ludovico Peluche’ (Eugenio Derbez) and ‘Federica Peluche’ (Consuelo Duval).

As is a trend in the social network, the publication was a success and resulted in hundred of reactions in the inbox of comments, as well as more than 62 thousand likes.

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